DOES15 Call for Papers – Are you DevOps enough to submit?

Written by: Electric Bee
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Over the last couple of months, we have been hard at work planning this year's DevOps Enterprise Summit (DOES) scheduled for October. Everything from securing the venue to setting up the conference site, to signing sponsors, to getting thought leaders to be advisers and keynote speakers.
Now is where you come in… we need speaker submissions for the sessions.

Have you successfully adopted DevOps principles?
Do you have techniques for achieving a DevOps initiative?
Failed miserably at your DevOps goals, but learned a lot along the way?
Do you have tips, lessons learned or war stories to share that can benefit our audience who is looking to go on the same DevOps journey?
Then we want you to submit.
It will just take a few minutes, and the reward is well worth it (being a speaker at THE DevOps conference)!
Ideal submissions would address:

  • What were the top challenges, and how did you overcome them?

  • What were your top mistakes, and what advice would you give as a result?

  • In-progress stories are welcome!

  • Attendees must be able to use the bulk of the presentation’s lessons without buying or using a particular tool or service.

You only have until March 31st to submit your abstract for a chance to forever be immortalized as a DevOps controller!
Submit now, to receive glory later…

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