DockerCon 2015 releases its speaker list

Written by: Chris Wolfgang
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Last week, Docker began releasing its speaker list for DockerCon 2015. So far, 16 of the 24 speakers have been announced for the two-day conference in San Francisco this June. Devs and execs from companies like Google, Netflix, The New York Times, and of course Docker, Inc. round out the list:

  • Solomon Hykes. Founder and CTO, Docker, Inc. One of Forbes' 30 under 30, Solomon is the creator of the Docker open-source initiative.

  • Ben Golub. CEO, Docker, Inc. Ben has history with a long list of innovative tech companies, including Gluster, Red Hat, Plaxo, and Comcast.

  • Eric Buth. Interactive News Developer, The New York Times. Eric will offer insight into how The New York Times news room utilizes Docker.

  • Jessie Frazelle. Software Engineer, Docker, Inc. Jessie is part of Docker's Core Team.

  • Adrian Cockcroft. Technology Fellow, Battery Ventures. Adrian's talk will discuss secure microservice architectures using Docker.

  • Marianna Tessel. SVP Engineering, Docker, Inc. Marianna is one of Business Insiders's 2013 Top 25 Most Powerful Women Engineers in Tech.

  • Frank Yu. Co-founder, DaoCloud. Frank will analyze how Docker has impacted the Chinese developer community.

  • Thomas Shaw. Build Engineer, Demonware (Activision). Thomas will talk about using Docker to drive cultural change in the gaming industry.

  • Steve Hoffman. Senior Principal Engineer, Orbitz Worldwide. Steve will discuss enabling microservices at Orbitz.

  • Vincent Batts. Software Engineer, Red Hat. Vincent has spent the last 15 years in the open-source community, including as a former Ruby contributor.

  • Brendan Burns. Software Engineer, Google. Brendan is one of the founding engineers of the Kubernetes open source container cluster manager.

  • Sarah Novotny. Evangelist, NGINX, Inc. Sarah's talks draw from her experience with large-scale technology infrastructure.

  • Jeff Valeo. Site Reliability Engineer, GrubHub, Inc. With experience at companies like Apple and Google, Jeff is currently helping New Yorkers connect with takeout restaurants via the mobile app GrubHub.

  • Eric Feliksik. Director of Cloud Orchestration, Nerdalize. Eric's background is in the energy management industry.

  • Diptanu Gon Choudhury. Distributed Systems and Infrastructure Engineer, Netflix. Diptanu works with Netflix's core infrastructure and large-scale distributed systems.

  • Santosh Bardjwaj. Senior Director of Technology, Capital One. Santosh is currently building out Capital One's next generation Enterprise Data platform.

Be sure to check out the speakers list as it updates with more names and titles of individual talks. DockerCon 2015 kicks off Mon., June 22, and heads up: there’s also a Hackathon

the weekend before.

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