DevOps World | Jenkins World 2019: Made for Developers

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DevOps World Jenkins World 2019 technical sessionsAs a software developer, you might have attended some conferences in the past where the tough topics get breezed over, and there’s not enough technical information to answer your really detailed questions. Well, DevOps World | JenkinsWorld is not that kind of event! Our sessions get into the tough technical questions and get very specific, digging into what works and what doesn’t, how to configure systems for maximum success and how to pull together the best cutting-edge technologies into your DevOps pipeline. Below is just a sample of these interesting and engaging sessions from CloudBees’ staff, partners and customers. If you consider yourself a highly-technical member of the DevOps universe, these are the kind of sessions you’ll want to add to your agenda! If you aren’t registered yet, get started here.

Who broke the build? — Using Docker to improve local testing and release faster

No one wants to be responsible for breaking the build, so how can developers avoid being that person?

This session will include a brief history of build testing challenges and what difference Docker can make for better, more streamlined builds.

Ram Mohan Rao Chukka - Appfire - Principal Software Engineer

Can Jenkins be the engine of Mobile DevOps?

There is no doubt that Jenkins has become the engine of DevOps for web apps, but what about for mobile? The mobile DevOps process can be a headache; learn how Jenkins can help.

Shashikant Jagtap - XCTEQ Limited - Director

Smart and stable automated testing using AI based Dynamic Locators

One of the biggest problems with UI-based test automation is maintenance. Many tools, frameworks, and approaches already exist to try to solve this issue, but they have had limited success. AI may be the answer to this problem. In this session, learn how AI and AI-based dynamic location strategies can help with UI-based test automation,

Raj Subramanian - Testim - Developer Evangelist

How Jenkins builds and delivers Jenkins in the cloud

Want to know how Jenkins builds Jenkins? Catch this session to see the real-life implementation of Jenkins’ development and delivery infrastructure in the cloud as it has evolved from a mix of platforms to multi-platform VMs, containers, and Kubernetes on Microsoft Azure.

Brian Benz - Microsoft - Cloud Advocate

Faster Git

This session will review and prioritize techniques to manage large git repositories, including reference repositories, narrow refspecs, and more.

Mark Waite - CloudBees - Technical Evangelist