DevOps Radio: State of DevOps Needs the Cloud and True Commitment

Written by: Diana Hwang
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Host Andre Pino returns to the DevOps Radio mic to talk to Dr. Nicole Forsgren , CEO and Chief Scientist at DevOps Research and Assessment (DORA), during DevOps World | Jenkins World. Nicole brings strong developer content and amazing energy to the latest episode as she shares key stats from the2018 Accelerate State of DevOps Report (of which CloudBees was a leading sponsor).

Before diving into the report, Dr. Forsgren describes her career path, from her start as a software engineer and acquiring her PhD, to joining Gene Kim and Jez Humble – both former Jenkins World keynotes and DevOps Radio alumnus – to launch DORA. The trio set out with the goal of sharing knowledge as a way for everyone to get better and to know what’s possible when it comes to a DevOps transformation, which they’ve accomplished with the report, now in its fifth year.

The discussion almost sounds like a weather report with talk of umbrellas and clouds, as it highlights the key findings from the most recent State of DevOps Report. Dr. Forsgren’s one key takeaway from the 2018 report, which may not come as a surprise, is that “cloud is important.” She notes that the true payoff comes when organizations make the investment, not just in terms of money, but in time, discipline, and getting all the teams involved to broaden that umbrella.

In terms of DevOps transformation trends, Dr. Forsgren still sees the elite performers continue to be able to optimize for speed and stability, while low performers are falling farther and farther behind, sometimes relying on outsourcing, which opens up the discussion to another trend: the anti-DevOps. To be successful in the DevOps transformation process, she notes — it’s all about execution. If you focus and dedicate the right resources, any organization can do it!

If you want to hear more from Dr. Nicole Forsgren, you can find her full keynote presentation at DevOps World | Jenkins World 2018 San Francisco here . To hear more DevOps Radio podcasts, head over to our DevOps Radio page or subscribe viaiTunes orSpotify to hear the latest and greatest.

In separate news, DORA announced it was purchased by Google. The partnership will result in using data-driven insights to drive DevOps transformation in the cloud.

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