DevOps Radio: mabl’s Dan Belcher, Izzy Azeri on Using AI and Machine Learning to Speed Software Delivery

Written by: Heidi Gilmore
2 min read
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Dan Belcher and Izzy Azeri, co-founders of mabl , join host Andre Pino to discuss what the company is all about. mabl addresses a key challenge for DevOps teams: ease of automation for testing, thus speeding up that phase of software delivery. The mabl founders view software delivery teams as IT visionaries. Therefore, these teams need to understand artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to accelerate software delivery and revolutionize the way applications are delivered to production.

As more and more companies move to continuous delivery, they’re seeking to shift right – to testing - and gain the same velocity they have in development. This is where mabl comes in.

Dan and Izzy explain that the company can apply AI to continuous delivery, specifically in automating manual tests in the testing process by identifying bugs without human intervention. Machine learning can also look at real user activity. That is, how people are actually using apps and then make any updates to tests automatically, as apps change.

How does one get started with machine learning? Good news for those not currently implementing machine learning; Dan and Izzy assure us it is easy to adopt and use. Getting started is as simple as downloading the extension for Google Chrome. mabl’s AI software will then simply crawl the page and begin grabbing information to create typical behavior models. It uses the application as end users would, then executes tests to create better models by predicting what the user behaviors would be.

Dan and Izzy know a lot of people who are implementing DevOps but lack innovation on the testing side. In these environments, implementing AI could be difficult. At the end of the day, the mabl team’s goal is to save software teams as many hours as possible from doing things they don’t feel set them apart from competitors, so teams can maximize the amount of time they spend building value. By creating a solution that easily plugs AI into software pipelines Dan and Izzy hope to help organizations evolve the core way of building and shipping software.

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The mabl team: Dan Belcher (center), co-founder; Izzy Azeri (third from right), co-founder

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