DevOps Radio: Keith Pleas and Stas Zvinyatskovsky of Accenture Note a DevOps Transformation is Never “Done”

Written by: Diana Hwang
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DevOps evangelist, Brian Dawson is back in the host seat for Episode 42 of DevOps Radio, featuring Keith Pleas, DevOps architecture senior manager at Accenture and Stas Zvinyatskovsky, engineering leader, software architect and managing director at Accenture. With the entire software world changing, old practices have run their course and organizations are turning towards modern software engineering with DevOps.

This episode is all about defining the DevOps transformation . For Accenture, that means finding the sweet spot of continuous delivery (CD) that is DevOps and adding automated security to the process. In both Stas and Keith’s experience, organizations approach DevOps transformation as a checklist and expect to cross off each step and walk off into the sunset, when in fact they should be continuously adding capabilities so it’s never "done." In order to achieve division of DevOps, organizations need to change the processes and practices to hit the speed, productivity and quality that cloud native companies are experiencing.

As the chair to the security track at DevOps World | Jenkins World 2018, Keith emphasizes that security and compliance shouldn’t be treated as an afterthought. The move and increased risk with cloud native has necessitated that dev and security work together more collaboratively to implement DevSecOps . As a result, governance within the pipeline is essential to secure development, especially with the rise of containers. But, as developers know, apps change so rapidly and they need to determine what they need to buy or add-on to ensure the software lifecycle stays secure. Luckily enough, Brian, Keith and Stas have players like Twistlock, Red Hat and others in mind that address the issue.

To close out the episode, Stas reiterates that although DevOps transformations may be difficult, many companies have succeeded. Organizations have the opportunity to learn from the experiences of others on how to drastically shorten the amount of time it takes to transform their organization and reduce the total cost and pain as they embark on the journey. If organizations don’t learn from others, they run the risk of experiencing aDevOops . But when done right, life on the other side of the transformation can be beautiful.

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