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Written by: Diana Hwang
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You’ve heard of d'Artagnan, Athos, Porthos and Aramis, but have you heard of the Kubernetes Musketeers - Michael Neale, Rob Davies, James Rawlings and James Strachan? In Episode 39 of the podcast, the four brains behind Jenkins X sit down with DevOps Radio’s guest host, Brian Dawson, at DevOps World | Jenkins World, San Francisco, to talk about the origins of Jenkins X and how it helps developers build cloud native applications for Kubernetes .

With KubeCon kicking off this week in Seattle, it’s a perfect time to continue the conversation around Kubernetes and how organizations can make its adoption a reality in the increasingly cloud native world. The Jenkins X team had the opportunity to rethink how to deploy applications on Kubernetes more easily using an opinionated approach to continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD). To do this successfully, they explain how it’s best to talk in terms developers are familiar with. Then, as developers learn more and become more mature in their approach, they can pick up more Kubernetes nuances.

The team also notes, it’s not just about running Jenkins, but running apps and environments. Jenkins X provides a cohesive development environment for better collaboration to achieve complete continuous integration and continuous delivery. Brian makes sure to emphasize their point about collaboration, which Michael, Rob and the Jameses demonstrate by embracing due to close quarters and a microphone shortage.

As listeners will hear multiple times, Jenkins X is a journey in moving to the cloud. For those who are getting started with Jenkins X or looking to use Jenkins X in the near future, Brian dives in deep with the Jenkins X team to provide listeners the best practices for this transition and some technical insight into the process. And don’t miss their life-changing tip to visit and learn about DevPods .

The Jenkins X team’s collective excitement over the capabilities the cloud has provided is truly palpable. They leave us with the final reminder that as we head into 2019, software is everywhere and everyone wants to update it all the time. With organizations no longer focused on building hardware, the quest continues to make software better.

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