DevOps Radio Episode 69: Fidelity’s Jimmy McNamara on Delivering Capabilities and Enabling People First

Written by: Kiley Nichols
2 min read
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In this episode of DevOps Radio, host Brian Dawson is joined by Jimmy McNamara, product manager at Fidelity Investments. Jimmy works in the application lifecycle management space, which focuses on the tools that underpin capabilities developers use at Fidelity to produce software for the business. His main focus in this role is to work with the business to identify and understand what their needs are in terms of capabilities to help them be able to produce great software.

Jimmy kicks off by diving more into the segment of capabilities. Part of his job is mapping out key capabilities across the lifecycle of anything developed by developers in the organization, including planning, collaboration, source code management, static code scanning, continuous integration, continuous deployment and artifact management. He says thaFidelity sees these as long-standing capabilities that they have to invest in and make sure that they provide the best-in-class features and tools to support the developers. As a product manager in this space, he says the key to success is to ensure that you’re delivering capabilities enabling people first and ensure their products are in touch with business needs.

Jimmy and Brian then dive into DevSecOps, where Jimmy says that as a team within enterprise cloud computing, they purposefully made decisions to embrace the process and take complete ownership of operations. “There's no better place to know your code than a production environment,” says Jimmy. He also adds that his team made decisions in terms of moving their workload to cloud, and as part of that journey, the team embraced the challenge and transformed themselves through the work they did and achieved, from systems engineers to software developers and engineers.

The conversation closes with Jimmy sharing his thoughts on the current DevOps experience. He believes we’re currently in a ‘golden age’ of innovation with the level of change that is happening. He says it’s great to be involved in the space and to take on projects that use DevOps to deliver better outcomes for customers.

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