DevOps Express Puts Organizations on Track for DevOps Adoption

Written by: Kari Price
3 min read
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Today, fourteen DevOps technology leaders stand together in announcing a joint initiative to bring DevOps knowledge, integrated tooling, support and best practices to the marketplace to streamline the adoption of DevOps through a solution-oriented approach. This is a significant milestone in the DevOps space - key DevOps vendors working together, as a group, to deliver greater value to the DevOps market than any of us could deliver individually. Let’s just pause for a second and appreciate the gravity of this.

The Genesis of DevOps Express

So how did this all start? Earlier this year at our customer advisory board meeting, CloudBees customers presented their DevOps reference architectures. In presentation after presentation, we noticed the same technologies being leveraged in our customers' environments as part of their DevOps strategy. This was reinforcing an observation we had already made for quite a while when meeting with prospects. Additionally, a number of prospects and customers were asking us to help them figure out what tools to get started with, what they shouldn't ignore and what "typical" DevOps stack they could use as a starting point.

Which made us wonder. For organizations looking for a starting point, could we help them by presenting a solutions-oriented approach that would be 80% proven? What if we could work with the DevOps vendors who are the leaders in their respective categories of the software delivery process and, together, deliver an actionable path for customers? We saw an immediate opportunity to collaborate with our peers in the DevOps space and create something even more valuable than we could deliver on our own.

A Solution-Oriented Approach to DevOps

DevOps Express is the first of its kind. It is an alliance of DevOps industry leaders and includes 14 founding members: CloudBees, Sonatype, Atlassian, BlazeMeter, CA Technologies, Chef, DevOps Institute, GitHub, Infostretch, JFrog, Puppet, Sauce Labs, SOASTA and SonarSource.

This alliance of popular technology vendors and service providers, coupled with our collective years of expertise, will deliver best practices and integrated architectures to make it easier and more flexible for enterprises to adopt DevOps. Those best practices won't be focused on a single solution, but on the integration and interaction of multiple solutions, together. Members of this alliance will also set up an integrated support process among us to facilitate a streamlined experience for customers trying to diagnose and resolve issues that span multiple solutions.

Creating reliable, proven and actionable reference architectures will accelerate DevOps adoption and minimize risk for organizations. Together, we will strive to deliver a more streamlined approach to DevOps adoption and enable enterprises to realize business value of DevOps more quickly.

We have some exciting developments in DevOps best practices and architectures coming soon. In the meantime, we invite you to learn more about this exciting industry initiative.

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