Developers with multiple customers - one weird old tip

Some not very well kept secrets:


  1. Creating a CloudBees account and login costs nothing
  2. You can link logins from different accounts together
So - imagine you are a systems integrator or contractor, you have several clients - you could run their apps under your own CloudBees account and divide up your own billing - however, one pattern I have observed is to create an account for each customer, and that your own login as an admin to each one. 
This way you can have separate billing/tracking, and in unlikely event they want to take over the account, or bring on other contractors, you or they can add/remove users from their account. 


CloudBees manage users


CloudBees platform users
In your Manage Users link (toolbar, top right, the little person icon will take you there) - you can see a list of users and roles in your current account. To add an *existing* user to your account - pretend like you are adding a new user - but put their email in - it will detect it is an existing user and you can just add them !
Also: the “one weird old tip to loose belly fat” is to signup to some website and pay money to be told to eat less. 
Don’t tell anyone I told you.