Developers: “On DevOps Tooling”

Written by: Electric Bee
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Organizations of all sizes are under serious pressure to deliver better software faster – and more efficiently. Developers are a creative bunch that can move at warp speed – if you let them. How can the DevOps toolchain help (or hurt) their productivity? And what are engineers thinking about when they think about pipelines and associated tooling?

1Autonomy is #1

Developers want to use the tools, stacks and languages that they love. They should! In fact, they should also experiment with NEW technology and tools, knowing that Ops can support it in production.

2Speak all the languages

Developers don’t like to be boxed into a web-based GUI. So, if they are more productive using the command line, DSLs, SDKs and REST APIs… let ‘em!

3Version all the things

Version control helps development teams track changes in a collaborative, and safe Version all the things, man!

4Eliminate failed deployments

Developers want production deployments to NOT FAIL. Dynamic Cloud, Infrastructure-as-Code, Process-as-code, and a Pipeline-as-product mindset can introduce engineering rigor and repeatability into the release process.

Can developers be wildly successful without these things? Maybe. Are they more likely to be successful if they have them? Absolutely! Arming teams with a sense of ownership and tooling to solve these requirements will lead the way to a team that “ships!”

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