DEV@cloud Private Edition beta bits available: Manage your Jenkins sprawl

Written by: Harpreet Singh
2 min read
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DEV@cloud Private Edition Beta Release Update:

This year at VMWorld (late Aug-early Sept), CloudBees announced the beta of DEV@cloud Private Edition. At the point of announcement the release of beta bits was imminent (we were working through the last minute QA of the beta).

Since then (about 2+ weeks back) we have released the software bits to our beta customers to try out in their environments.

To recap, DEV@cloud PE:

  1. Helps manage your Jenkins sprawl - this includes managing multiple controllers and agents.

  2. Enables efficient resource usage by allowing you to share agents across projects, departments and folders.

  3. Enables easier security management by pushing RBAC to all controllers and easier navigation through SSO through to all machines.

  4. Plugin compliance across all controllers.

In short - DEV PE helps organizations become agile with their continuous integration environment.

We will be looking to do a couple more beta updates that will include RBAC and plugin compliance. Today, we help with [1] and [2] in the list above.

To get a better picture, you can read the earlier press release or watch the video . Meanwhile, if you would like to try out the bits and be part of the program. Shoot me an email at myfirstname @ cloudbees dot com.

- Harpreet Singh, Senior Director of Product Management

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