DEV@cloud Entering Its Next Phase

Written by: Sacha Labourey
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Since we launched our private beta of DEV@cloud, back in August 2010 , DEV@cloud went through numerous changes and improvements. In January 2011, both DEV@cloud and RUN@cloud were released as public GA and in February 2011 we released our Git, Subversion and Maven repositories hosting services. At this point we have more than one thousand subscribers to our DEV@cloud offering (and much more on the RUN@cloud side – which pre-dates DEV@cloud) and it keeps growing at a rapid pace.

Some of the additions and improvements we made to our platform won’t be immediately apparent to you but they are critical to the future of CloudBees. They relate to how we meter services usage, manage subscriptions, bill our customers, etc. Driving all of these changes is our vision to build a complete partner ecosystem around the CloudBees platform both around DEV@cloud and RUN@cloud. And this requires a very stable yet flexible metering and billing platform with sophisticated subscription management. With our last release, we now have that and can start opening this to collaboration with partners.

The first service that will leverage our new subscription management engine is DEV@cloud. Starting on the 3rd of April, DEV@cloud is available in multiple subscription levels . While we still provide a free subscription, we now also offer for-pay subscriptions scaling with your team and your needs. RUN@cloud will soon undergo the same evolution (while maintaining a free subscription as well) – in parallel with the addition of some very neat features.

Stay tuned for a lot more as we continue to bring innovation to the new generation of Platform as a Service for the Cloud…



Sacha Labourey, CEO

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