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Written by: Sacha Labourey
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Today we are announcing several enhancements to our DEV@cloud offering which I think will appeal to a lot of developers.


One of the most frequently requested DEV@cloud extension has been Sonar , the leading static code analysis server. Developers and architects typically use Sonar to track various statistics about their code, their test coverage, what usage pattern should (or shouldn't) be used, etc. and to have this data presented in a unified dashboard .

One interesting aspect of our support for Sonar is that we have worked closely with SonarSource , the company behind Sonar, to "SaaS'ify" their single-tenant offering on top of the CloudBees platform. This corresponds to a growing trend of Java vendors interested in providing a "SaaS'ified" version of their software to market.

We are going to make the Sonar extension available to the CloudBees accounts over the next few days. If you have any question or comments, as always, let us know !

Free program for FOSS projects

Another long requested feature was for CloudBees to provide a comprehensive free offering to Open Source projects. Since our for-pay offering of DEV@cloud just went live a few weeks back , we thought the timing was good to provide a free offering to any FOSS project! Given the strong Open Source background of a lot of us at CloudBees , we are very proud to launch that program, and we hope CloudBees can become "the GitHub of Continuous Integration" for open source projects.

A number of projects already joined the program including JClouds, Cassandra Hector, Infinispan, TorqueBox, Fitnesse, etc.

If you are interested, see the details of the program on .



Sacha Labourey, CEO

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