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What do Financial Services firms like Citibank, retail giants like Target, healthcare companies like Kaiser Permanente, and public utility companies like PG&E have in common? Much of their critical customer-facing business communication now happens online. And their customers and employees all have a lot in common as well… today’s end-users are increasingly tech-savvy, and demand convenient, high-quality user experiences. And if end-users aren’t satisfied, the competition is just a click away.

So, how can IT deliver the high-quality, always-on and feature-rich experiences that today’s consumers demand?

Certainly, adopting Agile and CI helps companies to create valuable software that is more aligned to market needs. But if that valuable software can’t be deployed into production , where end-users can actually benefit from it, has any value actually been created? Yesterday, I joined Ronni Colville, a distinguished analyst in the IT Operations Management group at Gartner Research to discuss DevOps and Application Release Automation – a critical part of the modern software value chain. Watch the replay  of yesterday's webinar to hear about:

  • The cultural and technological shifts necessary for IT to drive business value,
  • Where to start your own DevOps transformation, and
  • What key trends to pay attention to in 2015.


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You may want to check out the recording of our ARA webinar  to learn how CloudBees Flow Deploy delivers on the promise of easily - and securely - deploying faster to any environment - no matter how complex.

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