The Software Agents: Episode 9 - Predicting Demand Worldwide

Written by: Christina Noren
2 min read
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The Software Agents is a new podcast series sponsored by CloudBees. Each week, we bring you a leader reinventing a different field through software for the new world that is being born. Listen to this week's episode here.

Our guest this week on The Software Agents is Campbell Brown, CEO of PredictHQ. I met Campbell a few years ago when he was getting PredictHQ off the ground and had a general understanding of the idea. First. combine a vast array of data sources on weather, mass events, foot traffic, and lots more. Then, train algorithms to turn that data into reliable predictions of local demand for global chains like Starbucks and platforms like Uber and Airbnb. Since then, Campbell and team have built a healthy, growing business. They’ve steadily tuned their technology using the data they’ve harvested and analyzed over time.

Now, with the pandemic and lockdowns, data-driven demand prediction is essential. It’s not just for shaving a few points of waste here and there. Demand patterns have shifted in response to local conditions, faster and more dramatically than ever in modern history. 

PredictHQ happened to be perfectly suited to rising to this challenge. What I realized during this call is that more accurate demand prediction means more efficient allocation of stock. That lets the supply chain respond to avoid both shortages and waste that affect our global food supply, along with other essential resources.

As with all our guests on The Software Agents, we also got more of Campbell’s backstory. Not only is he a New Zealander, like our guest Stefan Powell from Dawn Aerospace in Episode Five, he is also an aerospace buff who started out flying airplanes. That makes 22.22 percent of our guests to date Kiwi pilots. Paul, my co-host, says it’s correlation, not causation. 

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