Deliver Agile, Faster: At Agile2015, Anders Wallgren Talks with SolutionsIQ About Taking Agile to the 'Last Mile'

Written by: Electric Bee
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Most organizations today - both large and small - recognize the value of Agile methodologies and are practicing Agile development, to some extent. Still, it appears that in the last 10 years we focused on getting Agile primarily to the Development, QA and Product organizations. While Agile development throughput has certainly increased, it has created a fair amount of pressure on downstream processes. As your development teams becomes more Agile-proficient, and as you scale Agile throughout your organization - we're seeing that there are still bottlenecks - primarily in Operations and Release Automation - which hinder getting the awesome code that your developers produced into the hands of your customers.

How do you get Agile to the 'last mile'?

Yesterday, at the Agile2015 Conference in Washington DC, Anders Wallgren, CloudBees's CTO, set down with SolutionsIQ for a quick chat about how to realize the promise of Agile, and support Agile development velocity downstream - from code check-in all the way to deployment - so that your customers get the value.
Watch the short interview to learn how end-to-end automation of your entire software delivery pipeline,DevOps andContinuous Delivery come into play. You can also learn about our own development practices at CloudBees, why our own engineers are fanatic about testing, and more.

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