Dead or Alive, Who Would you Like to Eat Dinner / Drink / Code / Compare War Stories with? The DevOps Community Weighs-in!

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devops-community-meeting-of-the-minds DevOps is, at its core, a meeting of the minds. A shared understanding, and a shared culture - a Geist - that empowers all of us to do great things! When we first set out to plan this year's DevOps Enterprise Summit (DOES15)  - we wanted to bring together some of the best minds in the industry for 3 packed days of all-things-DevOps --  so that we can all share, learn, and get better - together. DOES15, happening next month, now boasts an impressive lineup of over 70 speakers  from all around the DevOps community. These are software experts, practitioners and thought leaders from Fortune 1,000 brands who will share practical approaches on how DevOps and Continuous Delivery drive value to customers and enterprise IT users alike. As we were developing the content for the conference, we asked our esteemed speakers some tough questions: We asked them to share with us their particular challenges implementing DevOps in some of the most complex enterprises in the world;  sharing their failures; their triumphs; their lessons learned and patterns for success; and where they, too, need help. We - also - asked them to weigh in on other important stuff, for example which other great minds they wish they could hang with: Dead or alive, who would you like to eat dinner / drink / code / compare war stories with? Below is a sample of the answers from some of our speakers (if you run into them at the conference- here's a great conversation starter for you!). We invite you to weigh in too, on Twitter (using #DOES15) or in the comments below.
CarmenDeArdo1 Carmen DeArdo DevOps Technology Leader, Nationwide Insurance   edward-deming"From an IT perspective, it has to be Deming ."    
CharlesNelles1 Charles Nelles Director, IT Operational Support, Western Union   douglas-adams"Douglas Adams , only book I ever read to make me laugh out loud, almost hysterically in a public place. I would love to spend an evening at a pub with him."  
chivas-nambiar Chivas Nambiar Director – Systems Engineering, Verizon   loppspolsky-j "Michael Lopp  (@rands) and Joel Spolsky "    
??????????????????????????????? Dominic Faraone Software Engineer, CenturyLink   franklin"Benjamin Franklin "    
Dominica Dominica DeGrandis Director of Learning & Development, LeanKit   elanor-r"Eleanor Roosevelt "    
EricPassmore1 Eric Passmore Head of Software Engineering, MSN   s-grant"Ulysses S. Grant - I think he could relate to me, we both like to get the job done"    
EricaMorrison1 Erica Morrison Senior Manager Software Development, CSG International   manning"Peyton Manning "    
EvelijnVanLeeuwen1 Evelijn Van Leeuwen Manager Management & Support Service, ING   edward-demingfrederick-taylor"Edward Deming , specially about the red bead experiment, and poor management practices. Together with Frederick Taylor ."  
JanJoostBouwman1Jan-Joost Bouwman Enterprise Process Owner Change Management, ING   ricardo"Ricardo Semler - his ideas about empowering employees are really inspiring. I would like to talk to him how we can use those ideas to make DevOps even more awesome."  
JimStoneham1 Jim Stoneham Former VP, Yahoo! Communities   dave-goldberg "Dave Goldberg (CEO, SurveyMonkey), who recently prematurely left us. I'd met him a few times, and he is one of the most thoughtful leaders I know of. "  
JasonCorman1 Joshua Corman CTO, Sonatype   kurt-vonnegutneil-gaiman "Authors Kurt Vonnegut and Neil Gaiman "    
KevinaFinnBraun1Kevina Finn-Braun Director of Site Reliability Services, Salesforce   marc-benioff"Marc Benioff  -he just seems like a very interesting person."    
KrisBuytaert1 Kris Buytaert CTO,   orwell"George Orwell "    
LucasGravley1 Lucas Gravley Build Architect, HP   alkaline-trio"Jam session with Alkaline trio.  Great musicians and would love to play music and relax with them"    
ManishAggarwal1 Manish Aggarwal Software Engineer, Intel   obama"Barack Obama. "    
ManuelEEdwards1Manuel Edwards Systems Engineering Manager, E*TRADE   carl-sagan hemingway alan-turingtim-obrien "Dinner: Carl Sagan ; Drink: Ernest Hemingway ; Code: Alan Turing ; War stories: Tim O'Brien (author of The Things They Carried)"  
MikeBland1 Mike Bland Practice Director, 18F (General Services Administration)   jimi-helennon"Jimi Hendrix and John Lennon ."    
MicroHering1 Mirco Hering Agile & DevOps Lead, Accenture   douglas-adams"Douglas Adams - intelligent and funny, after a few scotch it must be a blast talking to him. Shame i never got to meet him."    
Neil_Manvar1 Neil Manvar Solutions Architect, Sauce Labs, Inc   jason-huggins "Jason Huggins - inventor of Selenium"    
OlivierJacques1 Olivier Jacques CI, CD, DevOps Practitioner, HP Enterprise Group   sheldon"Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory. Bazinga!"    
PaulSchmid1 Paul Schmid IT Manager – Solution Delivery, Sherwin-Williams   steve-jobs"Steve Jobs , mostly cause we share the same personality type (ENTJ), and I would love to talk to him about our shared passion of innovation and driving change."  
PaulaThrasher1 Paula Thrasher Application Delivery Lead, CSC    jaron-laniertim-shaefer"Author/Computer Scientist Jaron Lanier . He is writing some of the most thought provoking commentary on the IT revolution these days. Also Tim Schafer  of DoubleFine, I was a backer of DoubleFine Adventure (aka Broken Age) and the documentary was worth the backer price alone. Its like a peek into the secret career of a video game developer, which turns out to be just as tricky as regular old software development."
RamonaJackson1Ramona Jackson Director IT, Cisco   steve-jobsmark-cubantiger-woods "Steve Jobs, Mark Cuban, Tiger Woods "    
ScottPrughScott Prugh Chief Architect, CSG International   guy-fieri"I have always loved Guy Fieri . He knows a ton about delicious food but more importantly, he always makes people feel special."  
TomLimoncelli1 Tom Limoncelli SRE,   alan-turing"Alan Turing "    
AndersWallgren1Anders Wallgren CTO, CloudBees   tina-feyrichard-feynmannikola-teslawright-brothers   "Eat dinner with Tina Fey , drink with Richard Feynman , Code with Nikola Tesla and war stories with the Wright Brothers "

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