Dart on CloudBees

Written by: Michael Neale
2 min read
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The Dart language was created by Google to provide scalable, structured web apps.

This was initially aimed at Javascript - and how to build large (scalable - as in codebase) web apps that make lots of use of the browser, with modules and more. Dart was born out of this research.

In some ways it appears to *look* a bit like a javascript/java hybrid, it has type checking, but not as limiting as Java.

There is a compiler that generates javascript (there are plans afoot for Dart to run directly in browsers) and - not as well known - a Dart "runtime" that you can run server side applications in.

Well Nicolas from Sfeir has come up with a handy Clickstart that sets up Dart on cloudbees - a Jenkins build that runs Dart, compiles the server and client aspects, run tests, and finally deploys your app.

He also created a "clickstack" that supports all Dart versions (it defaults to using the latest but you can tell it what version of Dart if you want to lock it down).

You can also read more about how this was done here .

Thanks Nicolas!

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