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Winter 2014 - Volume 6
Jenkins Marches Towards World Domination
As of November 2014, Jenkins can claim nearly 100,000 active installations and more than 1,000 plugins! That’s up 35% from this time last year. The Jenkins community keeps pulling in the awards too. Here are just a few accolades our favorite butler has collected recently:
And according to an InfoQ survey this spring, three times as many people use Jenkins as use the next most popular tool - not an award, but an accolade in its own right. Check out the results [click the Average button to get the Results graph] and you’ll find that 498 out of 686 respondents are using Jenkins now… almost three times as many as the second most popular CI tool.
Simplifying Continuous Delivery Pipelines - Kohsuke Explains Jenkins’ New Workflow Feature
Best Practices from Kohsuke
Jenkins started with a notion of jobs and builds at heart. One script is one job, and as you repeatedly execute jobs, it creates builds as records. As the use case of Jenkins got more sophisticated, people started combining jobs to orchestrate ever more complex activities.

So we felt the need to develop a single unified solution to create and manage pipelines: the new Workflow plugin. Now it’s much easier to orchestrate activities that span across multiple build slaves, code repositories, etc…
Learn about Workflow
The Butler on Tour
In 2014, the Jenkins butler undertook his biggest world tour yet, hosting Jenkins User Conferences in four cities. If you didn’t make it, you’re in luck – slides are available from all conferences, and most have videos as well:Community interest continues to grow each year. More than 450 Jenkins users attended the Boston JUC, 375 came to Berlin, 400 turned out for Israel, and nearly 550 showed up in San Francisco. Another 600 registered for San Francisco via Live Stream. You can check out Kohsuke's photos of the San Francisco JUC here .

    Look for more Jenkins User Conferences worldwide next year. We’ll have a Call for Papers in early spring.
    What's New in Jenkins?
    Kohsuke shares the latest and greatest Jenkins developments…
    • Acceptance test harness: this consists of two pieces. One is a reusable test harness that enables rapid development and execution of blackbox acceptance tests of Jenkins and its plugins. The other is a suite of tests used to verify releases, which is built on top of the test harness.
    • Infrastructure rehaul: we're now eating our own dog food. We’ve upgraded how we do continuous delivery on our infrastructure by using…Jenkins. The process now consists of a series of containerized services built and tested via Jenkins, then deployed to servers via a Puppet master.
    • NIO Java Web Start slaves: Jenkins master now manages slaves connected via Java Web Start through NIO, thereby reducing the threads and context switches necessary to service them. This structure allows Jenkins to scale more efficiently.
    Jenkins Events
    CD Summits: Accelerating Innovation with Continuous Delivery
    CloudBees hosted seven free, Jenkins-focused
    Continuous Delivery Summits in the US and Europe this summer and fall. Experts from Forrester Research, XebiaLabs, Puppet Labs, SOASTA and many other Jenkins-loving organizations shared their expertise on continuous delivery – specifically, continuous delivery powered by Jenkins. Visit this page , choose your favorite city, and explore the slides and videos (where available).
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    Holidays 2014: Jenkins Takes Three Major Strides Forward for Enterprises
    Is proliferation of your Jenkins jobs slowing you down? Is your complete software pipeline still not as automated as you would like it to be? Do you have a good handle on build metrics and Jenkins monitoring?

    Check out the latest and greatest Jenkins capabilities:
    • Open source Jenkins now features Workflow. Eliminate job proliferation with native support for complex CD pipelines.
    • The November 2014 Jenkins Enterprise by CloudBees release lets you establish checkpoints and restart jobs closer to the point of failure, as well as visualize your continuous delivery pipeline.
    • The November 2014 Jenkins Operations Center by CloudBees release gives you highly scalable, real-time analysis of Jenkins performance and build metrics without additional coding. The new Cluster Operations feature also greatly simplifies management activities.

    • Get the details by visiting .
      Plugin Highlight: DotCI
      The DotCI plugin is specifically focused for those environments that work with GitHub, and in that context it drastically simplifies setting up CI jobs for repositories. It also lets you manage configuration via a YAML file stored in a Git repository.
      The plugin also comes with strong Docker integration, which lets you build containers with minimal configuration, as well allowing you to run builds in containers. To top if off, the DotCI plugin uses MongoDB for persistence, allowing Jenkins to house thousands of jobs with ease.
      Jenkins Enterprise by CloudBees Case Study
      See how one company adopted JenkinsCI across a multinational development organization to increase the pace of development for Android software.
      Semiconductor Case Study CloudBees
      Leading Semiconductor Manufacturer
      Continuous Delivery
      DZone surveyed 500+ IT professionals...revealing insights into DevOps practices and CD adoption.

      The infographic reveals the three traits that indicate true continuous delivery is underway, what % of respondents use Jenkins, how many professionals are actually doing continuous delivery (v. how many think they are doing continuous delivery), and who actually deploys code.
      Have you found the Jenkins Meetup page yet? Keep an eye out for a meetup near you . Or start your own! Contact one of the Jenkins Meetup organizers and they’ll be happy to help.
      Preparing for Continuous Delivery
      The Essential Continuous Delivery Prep Cheat Sheet
      This Refcard is written to ease the transition to continuous delivery, giving guidance, advice and best practices to development and operations teams looking to move away from traditional release cycles.
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