Continuous Discussions (#c9d9) Podcast: Episode 51 – Artifact Repository

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This morning on #c9d9 we discussed how your Artifact Repository comes into play in your DevOps and software release processes. Versioning everything is an important prerequisite – and a predictor – for your DevOps success and IT performance. Versioning is crucial both for source code , for binaries , and for your processes . The State of the DevOps Reports have consistently shown that version control is one of the top two predictors of deployment lead time, deployment frequency and MTTR, as well as high job satisfaction. Interestingly, version control of production artifact is even a higher predictor than version control of source code - as it stores all production configuration as well as the verified builds and all dependencies. This allows Dev and Ops to easily reproduce on-demand all artifacts and environments throughout the pipeline stages, to achieve consistent deployments. Like your delivery pipeline, Artifact Repositories span all the way from CI through to Production Release – connecting Dev, with Ops, with everything in between. On the podcast, we discussed some of the challenges with managing binaries for large-scale releases and DevOps processes, and some best practices for optimizing your Repos to support CD pipelines, automated deployment and enterprise work-loads.

Watch the replay of the episode:

This episode features:

jbaruch c9d9 devops podcast does16
Baruch Sadogursky J*, G* and Public Speaking Geek with JFrog FTW. @jbaruch |
Eduardo Piairo
Eduardo Piairo DBAdmin & DevOps; Always ready to learn about SQL management and optimization, database source control, continuous integration and delivery @EdPiairo |
Robert Los c9d9 devops podcast does16
Robert Los Robert Los is one of the co-founders of BrainStam, A cloud-based Continuous Delivery platform. @brainstam_cd |

and -- Philip Lombardi , Senior Software Engineer at




On the next episode of Continuous Discussions:


Episode 52: Video Chat with Gene Kim and the DOES16 Speakers

Join us Wednesday, September 28 , at 11:30 PT for another special episode of #c9d9 -- our second video chat with Gene Kim and the DOES16 speakers. We will discuss some challenges and patterns for succeeding with implementing DevOps in large enterprises, and share some highlights of the upcoming conference.


This episode will feature:

gene kim c9d9 devops podcast
Gene Kim DevOps enthusiast, The Phoenix Project co-author, Tripwire founder, Visible Ops co-author, IT Ops/Security Researcher, Theory of Constraints Jonah, rabid UX fan. @RealGeneKim |
Carmen DeArdo c9d9 devops does16 podcast
Carmen DeArdo Technology director at Nationwide Insurance, responsible for driving continuous delivery utilizing DevOps, lean and agile techniques across mobile, distributed and mainframe and other technologies. @carmendeardo |
Stephen Mayner c9d9 devops podcast does16
Stephen Mayner SAFe® Senior Program Consultant for Scaled Agile, Inc. Innovator, strategist, researcher, and transformational leader helping the largest enterprises around the world implement Agile at scale. @Stevemayner
Mark Imriaco c9d9 devops podcast does16
Mark Imbriaco Co-founder & CEO at @OperableInc. Previously: DigitalOcean, GitHub, LivingSocial, Heroku, and 37signals. @markimbriaco |
Topopal c9d9 devops podcast does16
Topo Pal Director and Platform Engineering Fellow, Capital One. Developer, Strategist and Evangelist. @TopoPal |





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