Continuous Discussions (#c9d9) Podcast: Episode 37 – Live from Mobile Delivery Days

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Boy, did I have a blast the last couple of days! :) Earlier this week, our CTO, Anders Wallgren, and I were thrilled to attend the 2-day Mobile Delivery Days conference (#mobileDD ) in San Francisco. Last night, we had the privilege of helping the organizers wrap up the show with a special episode of #c9d9 - live from the event (video below).

DevOps for Mobile: The Community is Here to Help!

Delivery and operations of mobile applications is still in its early stages - the tool set is brittle, and best practices and patterns for the different stages along your pipeline are still emerging. If you're looking to enhance your skills-set and learn from the community how to streamline your delivery practices for mobile apps - I strongly encourage you to check out the presentations from #mobileDD (and videos of the talks should also be available soon). This content is GOLD! Throughout Monday and Tuesday, we got to hear great talks from folks responsible for delivering mobile applications at companies such as LinkedIn , Prezi , Microsoft , Wikipedia , Twitter , Spotify , and more. The stellar lineup also included inspiring, fast-paced, Ignite talks and Open Spaces , as well as talks from conference organizers themselves: Patrick Debois on the Operational Side of Mobile Apps, and Trent Peterson and Pawel Wojnarowicz from AWS on The Art of Mobile Testing. The Open Spaces were especially interesting and valuable. Attendees rotated between organic discussion groups and shared some of their challenges and learnings around various aspects of mobile delivery. The Open Spaces' topics included:

  • Measuring and driving engagement
  • Aquiring beta testers
  • Challenges with backend systems
  • Android emulators
  • Tips for mobile testing
  • Experimentation and A/B testing
  • Mobile delivery toolchain
  • Automation frameworks
  • Optimizing content for delivery
  • Dealing with AppStore policies and approvals
  • Property-based testing
  • and more..

It was great to see how engaged, helpful and forthcoming participants were, and how educational (and at times, damn right entertaining!) these discussions are. The value you get from talking with peers who are in the same boat as you, trying to solve the same problems, is just immeasurable, and it was invigorating to hover between the various groups and listen to the discussions taking place.

Watch the replay of the special c9d9 episode - live from #mobileDD:

Learn about the current state of DevOps for Mobile, the main challenges folks are encountering, and some of the key takeaways and tips from the conference.

This episode features:

Nassim Kammah
Nassim Kammah @kepioo
Trent Peterson
Trent Peterson @tdpeterson

#mobileDD is very much a labor of love - an event by the community, for the community. A big shout out to the conference organizers and sponsors who put out an awesome (free!) event - where like-minded people got to connect, learn from each other and inspire one another. It was incredible to be part of it, and we'll continue to follow as the community and DevOps practices for Mobile continue to evolve. Like Patrick said: this has been a unique experience. Everyone is struggling with the same things - let's do this together!



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Cristopher Stauffer Director of Test Engineering at Yodle Inc. Christopher has over a decade of experience integrating test automation and continuous delivery into complex software systems. @YodleTech |
eric melski c9d9
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Irfan Sayed Irfan is a DevOps disruptor, MSys DevOps Innovation Lab co-creator, SCM/ Build Release proficiency, eager technologist, future strategist. @irfansayed1502 |
Nirav Sanghavi Nirav Sanghavi is GM, technology & solutions at Cygnet Infotech. He is Agile enthusiastic & his blood is tested positive for Java and Scrum. @niravdsanghavi |
Spencer Allain
Spencer Allain Spencer was an early adopter of Jenkins and Gradle to support his love of automation. He relaxes by mentoring FIRST Robotics programs. @BTI360 |
Vishnu Datla
Vishnu Datla Founder & CEO of AutoRABIT, Inc., a SaaS based enterprise class Continuous Delivery product suite for cloud technologies focusing on @vishnuraju |

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