Continuous Discussions (#c9d9): Episode 8 Recap – Continuous Testing and Test Acceleration

Written by: Electric Bee
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How do you balance the need to "go fast" with the need to test everything to deliver high-quality software? Yesterday on #c9d9 we talked all about testing:

  1. How much testing is enough ?
  2. What kind of testing should you invest in?
  3. How can you make testing faster ?
  4. And where do you start if you wanted to make sure all your builds are green?
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Watch the Replay of the episode:

This episode features:

arthurArthur Hicken Parasoft Evangelist, expert in creating secure, defect-free software via Service Virtualization, Cloud/API Testing, and Development Testing. @CodeCurmudgeon    | ;
floFlorian Motlik Flo is the CTO and co-founder at Codeship, a hosted continuous delivery service. He's passionate about immutable infrastructure and helping teams build more productive processes. @flomotlik   |
greggGregg Caines Software engineer for ClassDojo, an Educational Technology start-up in San Francisco. Gregg is interested in open source software, APIs, craftsmanship and Continuous Delivery. @GreggCaines |
trevorTrevor Parsons Trevor is the Co-founder & chief scientist at @Logentries, log management & analytics made easy. Irish, software engineer. PhD, @UCDDublin alumnus. @trevparsons |




On the Next Episode of Continuous Discussions:


Join us on Tuesday, January February 3rd, at 10am PST , when we'll be talking about CI Best Practices . Add the event to your calendar » This episode will feature:

ivanIvan Kusalic Ivan is a software engineer working for HERE, a Nokia business in Berlin. He is a software craftsman, functional programming enthusiast, in love with life. @ikusalic    |
jonJon Morgan Principal developer at Box UK. Jon delivers complex projects such as faceted search solutions, API integrations and data aggregation systems for a wide variety of international clients. @h00zf1sh   |
michaelMichael Chletsos Michael has been straddling the world of Dev and Ops, now working remotely with teams across the world to help improve their workflows. @mpchlets
ronRon Quartel Ron's passion is for profitable software development. He has been programming computers for decades and over the last 15 years has worked as a Development Manager, Agile Coach, Trainer, Extreme Programmer, XP Coach and Lean Entrepreneur. @rquartel |



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