Continuous Discussions (#c9d9): Episode 27 Recap – Architecting for Continuous Delivery

Written by: Electric Bee
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To get to CD, applications and delivery pipelines must be architected in a way that supports the more frequent pace of smaller, incremental releases. This morning on Continuous Discussions, we discussed some recommendations for constructing a flexible, version-able, review-able, test-able, revert-able and resilient application architecture and CD pipeline.

  • How do Microservices, service-orientation design in general, and decoupling strategies affect your delivery pipeline?
  • What should you take into account when orchestrating your pipeline and the way you manage your environments?
  • How to manage database schema changes or messaging as part of architecting oyur app to enable Continuous Delivery?
  • and more..

Watch the Replay of this episode:

This episode features:

Aater Suleman CEO of Flux7, helping companies use AWS infrastructure to improve business agility & continuity. Flux7 deploys web apps across various technology stacks. @FutureChips |
Graham Smith
Graham Smith Dr Graham Smith is head of software engineering at the UK Hydrographic Office, championing continuous delivery by day and blogging about it at night. @GrahamDSmith |
marcus rehm
Marcus Rehm Software engineer and Business Intelligence Developer for Odebrecht Ambiental. Agile and Automation enthusiastic that always is looking for ways to improve products and process. @marcusrehm |
Melvin Laguren QA Automation Lead at Wrap Media. Melvin has worked at various start up and enterprise companies developing automated tests and working on CI/CD pipelines. He spends his "free" time speaking at Meetups/Conferences, teaching QA workshops and working on a weekly comic strip, . @mlaguren |
Michael Nygard
Michael Nygard Michael works for Cognitect. Has written and co-authored several books, including "97 Things Every Software Architect Should Know" and "Release It!" @mtnygard |

c9d9-logo On the next episode of Continuous Discussions:

docker logoEpisode 28: Docker and Containers in your CD Pipeline

Join us on November 3rd  to discuss architecture patterns and best practices for enabling CD.

This episode will feature:

Bernd Zuther
Bernd Zuther Bernd Zuther has been working as programmer since 2008. He has well-grounded knowledge in areas like Big Data, Continuous Delivery and agile software architectures. @Bernd_Z |
Bernd Zuther
Chris Riley Helping Bring #DevOps to the enterprise. Analyst @fixateio @HoardingInfo |
Nikhil Vaze Senior Software Engineer on the CloudBees engineering team. He is a full stack engineer and loves to hack on things. @therealnikhil |
Thomas Qvarnström
Thomas Qvarnström JBoss Technology Evangelist for Applications Server and Data Grid products at Red Hat. With over 18 years of experience, Thomas educates customers on various technical aspects, including DevOps and Microservices. @tqvarnst |


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