Continuous Delivery - The Real Deal

Written by: Andre Pino
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Continuous delivery (CD), a methodology that allows you to deliver software faster and with lower risk, is a topic that is gaining foothold in startups like Choose Digital and Neustar, and in enterprises like Cisco and Thomson Reuters. CD enables companies to accelerate innovation, move faster than the competition and finally allow IT to quickly meet the application needs of the business.

We have just completed our second set of CD Summits in London and Paris to packed houses, including a standing room-only event in London. The word is getting out that our summits are the place to learn about CD: they provide a full day of education for executives and technologists that covers the people, process and technology aspects of continuous delivery. Additionally, our partner sponsors provide a unique view on how various tools for testing, infrastructure provisioning and application deployment fit together to create a toolchainin support of the CD pipeline.

Next up in our CD Summit series are Chicago on Oct. 15th, San Francisco on Oct.22nd and Washington D.C. on Nov. 19th. Please consider joining us for a day that you will find well worth your time.

Here is what people have had to say about past CD Summits:

“These summits are very impressive. The scope of presentations covers all of the important aspects, and the technology presentations cover much of the pipeline. “- Kurt Bittner, Forrester Research

“This summit was fantastic. Thanks very much.” - New York City attendee

"The London summit was full, so I traveled to Paris, and I'm very glad I did." - Paris attendee

“I need the slides to show my boss.” – London attendee

We start off the morning of each summit with an executive-level presentation discussing the business benefits that can be realized by CD. We then have presentations covering the people, process and technology impacts of CD. You’ll hear about real world examples of CD in action by enterprises that are actually transforming their practices. For example, at the upcoming Summits, Choose Digital will present in Chicago, Cisco in San Francisco and both Thomson Reuters and Neustar in Washington D.C.

Here’s an example agenda:

8:00Registration (includes continental breakfast)
9:00The Business of Continuous Delivery - Kurt Bittner, Forrester Research
9:45Orchestrating the Continuous Delivery Process - Steve Harris, CloudBees
11:00Three Pillars of Continuous Delivery: Culture, Tooling & Practices - Andrew Phillips, XebiaLabs
11:45Achieving "Fast IT" With Continuous Delivery - Nick Pace, Cisco Systems
12:30Lunch (provided)
14:00Jenkins for Continuous Delivery - Kohsuke Kawaguchi, CloudBees
14:30Accelerating Application Delivery with Continuous Testing - Peter Galvin, SOASTA
15:30Automating Infrastructure - Gabriel Schuyler, Puppet Labs
16:00Successfully Implementing Continuous Delivery - MomentumSI
16:30Continuous Delivery in the Real World: From Jenkins to Production - Mario Cruz, Choose Digital
17:00Panel : Ask the Experts
17:30Reception: Continuous Beer Delivery

During lunch, attendees have the opportunity to speak with other attendees and our expert presenters on a topic of their choice. After lunch, we kick off the afternoon session with Jenkins Founder Koshuke Kowaguchi discussing the use of Jenkins for CD. After the Summit and during the social hour, our partners, including XebiaLabs, SOASTA and Puppet Labs, will all discuss how to automate the software delivery pipeline. As well, you’ll be treated to breakfast, lunch and an evening reception.

Join us in Chicago, San Francisco or Washington D.C. for an event that is not to be missed.

See you there!
André Pino

André Pino is vice president of marketing at CloudBees.

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