Congratulations to Jenkins on its Continuous Delivery Foundation Graduation!

Written by: Alyssa Tong

CloudBees congratulates the Jenkins project as it is the first project to graduate in the Continuous Delivery Foundation (CDF). Jenkins became a part of the CDF in early 2019 as one of four founding projects, alongside Jenkins X, Spinnaker and Tekton. The CDF is a vendor-neutral organization with the mission to improve the world's capacity to deliver software with security and speed. One of the goals of the foundation is to sustain and grow its projects.

CDF Projects have a specific CDF Lifecycle overseen by the Technical Oversight Committee. For projects to “graduate” they must meet specific criteria. A graduated project should inspire confidence with users and the wider industry that the project is well-governed, healthy and follows open source best practices. 

The Jenkins project is the first project to go through the process and meet the criteria. This included highlighting project adopters of which there are many!  The Jenkins project was also able to demonstrate a healthy number of committers, update its code of conduct and show how well it follows open source best practices

The Jenkins project has a thriving user community of millions of developers and software engineers, and over 282,000 active installations (active installations are sites that report usage information back to the Jenkins project each month), more Jenkins metrics can be found at Jenkins infra-statistics . These numbers show the critical role Jenkins plays in the open source industry as a reliable, extensible and fully automated CI/CD solution. A global showcase of the project’s user stories and case studies shows the exponential value Jenkins delivers to organizations.

CloudBees has been the primary corporate sponsor of the Jenkins project for ten years. We are proud of all the Bees that have contributed to the project, some of whom have played a central role in its massive growth and impact for over 15 years.

We collaborate with the Jenkins community to ensure that Jenkins remains the most powerful, flexible and widely used general purpose CI/CD and DevOps automation framework. We have dedicated teams working towards the success of Jenkins in many aspects including core development, plugin development, security, infrastructure, community building and outreach. Our commitment to the Jenkins project continues to grow and evolve within the CDF.

CloudBees also offers a CI solution that meets enterprises’ unique needs. CloudBees CI is an automation engine with the flexibility to support diverse software portfolios and provide the unified governance required by growing organizations. Based on Jenkins and available on-premise or hosted on a cloud provider, CloudBees CI extends Jenkins with functionality that embeds best practices, rapid onboarding, security and compliance. It provides a shared, centrally- managed CI/CD service but delivers a self-service experience for engineering teams.

What CloudBees Has to Say About Jenkins

In the CDF press release, CloudBees Director of OSS Tracy Miranda said, “Jenkins is the most prolific CI/CD tool and has been a catalyst for transforming the entire software delivery industry. With Jenkins graduating from the CDF, it sets the stage for act two of the Jenkins project while simultaneously modelling what a well-adopted, well-governed and well-run open source software project looks like for other open source projects to model.”

CloudBees Principal Software Engineer, Oleg Nenashev, also a Jenkins Core maintainer and a Governing Board Member said, "About 18 months ago, Jenkins became one of the CDF founding projects. Thanks to this membership we addressed key project infrastructure needs, and established connections with other CI/CD projects and end user companies. It is an honor to be the first project to graduate in the CDF. Our project has a strong global community with a long history of open governance. Nevertheless the graduation process helped us to further strengthen the community foundations and pave the way for future growth. Congratulations and thanks to the dozens of contributors who made our graduation possible!”

Congratulations once again to the Jenkins project!

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