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Enterprise Continuous Integration with Jenkins

Enterprise Continuous Integration with Jenkins

Built on the most widely used automation server in the world Jenkins™ - CloudBees Continuous Integration provides flexible, governed CI/CD you can trust.

CloudBees Platform Offers

Speed & Efficiency

Drive innovation and go from concept to customer faster and safer than ever before with the ability to continuously iterate and perform automated testing and QA

Security & Auditability

CloudBees CI provides unmatched governance, security, compliance and auditability that keeps developers working safely, smartly and securely

Drive Innovation Quickly

Automate your Jenkins pipelines and embed DevOps best practices throughout the software delivery lifecycle to deliver better software faster

Speed Innovation, Reduce Risk and Optimize Software Development

Manage the security, compliance and efficiency of enterprise-wide software delivery from a centralized management solution, while giving developers the freedom to innovate with their tools of choice. You can automate pipelines, embed best practices and empower teams at scale with multiple managed controllers. Shared services departments can provide development teams the environments they need to successfully deliver high-quality software and deconstruct brittle monolithic applications, while maintaining visibility and control across the entire organization.

In this eBook, you will learn:

  • Five reasons enterprises need help scaling Jenkins

  • Tips for reducing the administrative overhead of Jenkins

  • How to build on existing Jenkins investments to release more frequently

This free eBook shares fixes for the five most common Jenkins scaling issues and explains how enterprises can scale Jenkins usage across a growing organization, without affecting the security or stability of the software development lifecycle (SDLC).

How CloudBees CI Solves Problems

Comprehensive Jenkins Team Management

Onboard new projects and new teams quickly with pre-configured templates and policies

Managing Jenkins at Scale

Manage more Jenkins instances with less compute and human resources to reduce cost and release software more efficiently 

Pipeline Best Practices Enforcement

Enable tighter control over resources to ensure the sanctity of the CI pipeline


CloudBees CI Product Brief

There are a range of application types ranging from legacy to modern and many more in-between. They can all benefit from one CI/CD solution.

7 Ways to Know You've Aced Continuous Integration

Continuous integration is a development team practice that generates real benefits for an entire organization. 

Broadridge Accelerates the Pace of Software Delivery with CloudBees CI

Broadridge has taken a DevOps approach, powered by CloudBees CI, to rearchitect how the company develops and delivers business critical software

Learn from our experts on how CloudBees CI can help you:

  • Optimize software delivery velocity

  • Maximize developer team efficiency

  • Enforce global compliance policies

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