Connect to the Jenkins Experts with CloudBees Network

Last year I wrote a blog outlining why CloudBees was releasing a best practices book for Jenkins. In it, I outlined the massive growth in Jenkins installations we had seen in the past year, as well as a huge growth in the number of plugins. Today those numbers are only continuing to grow, and with the release of Jenkins 2.0 they’re fast approaching record numbers.

As exciting as these times are, it can be challenging for users to keep up with all this explosive growth - dozens of plugins are released per month, countless updates happen ad-hoc to the existing sets, and there are ever evolving use-cases for both. While best practices can help ease this pain somewhat by informing users in a few key areas, CloudBees knows it can do more to enable users to keep abreast of all the rest as well.

As a result, we’ve built out our new customer portal - CloudBees Network - to better connect CloudBees Jenkins Platform users to our wealth of Jenkins-centric content and to better enable our customers in leveraging their subscriptions to their fullest. I’m pleased today to announce the official 1.0 release of this portal, which you can see live now.

Content for all your Jenkins needs

CloudBees Network aims to provide a centralized set of resources for Jenkins users and administrators to aid them in managing their installations. While the content itself is important, we also invested much of our time in making it easier for users to find the right content. Organization was key to this, as well as some creative solutions for processing, indexing and rendering of all of CloudBees’ version-controlled knowledge.

Today’s CloudBees Network content covers a range of topics:

  1. Solutions pages to introduce key Jenkins solutions and highlight the key resources to learning more about each
  2. Our engineering team’s best practices for setting up and optimizing a Jenkins installation
  3. Our customer success team’s freshest knowledge-base articles and security alerts to help administrators troubleshoot issues and keep abreast of important updates
  4. Our platform product documentation to enable platform administrators in their implementations.

This set of documentation is only a baseline for ongoing documentation efforts. As such, we welcome your feedback on potential topics or content you would like to see included in the future, and we invite you to stay tuned to future announcements on this front.

When you are ready to apply CloudBees tools and products to your software development efforts, CloudBees Network also offers downloads of both editions of the CloudBees Jenkins Platform to help you get started in leveraging your subscription.

To help you navigate our content, we’ve created an ElasticSearch-based search engine which indexes and combs through all of the above to return the most relevant articles. Our search engine also highlights any matching terms both in the search results and articles themselves to help you focus in on the most relevant content and find the solutions you need more quickly.


Support for all your Jenkins needs

Administrators need support 24/7 because outages happen without regard for working hours and holidays. For CloudBees Jenkins Platform subscribers, a team of Jenkins experts is always available through the CloudBees Network support portal.

In addition to access to the support desk, users can also access the experts’ knowledge-base of troubleshooting articles and security advisories to stay up-to-date on the most important updates for the platform.


The road ahead

Over the coming months, the CloudBees Network team will continue to improve the site and build out its content, as well as its future sets.

In the near future, CloudBees Network will also be hosting an array of other Jenkins-centric services, including Jenkins tutorials and training. Stay tuned as we roll out these new features in the coming months, and feel free to contact me with any feedback.

In the meantime, come connect to CloudBees Network and start your journey towards becoming a Jenkins expert yourself!


Tracy Kennedy
Product Manager