Community Coming Together at DevOps World | Jenkins World 2019

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DevOps World Jenkins World 2019 community sessionsDevOps is a community and DevOps World | Jenkins World is where that community comes together! There’s fun and social time, there are fascinating and insightful speakers, there’s a wealth of information and answers… and there are the people we share it all with! Bringing the DevOps community together is a huge and rewarding part of DevOps World | Jenkins World and every hallway conversation is part of that. There are also some great organized opportunities to join the community or to see the power of the community in action, such as the below sessions featuring stories of the worldwide DevOps community, and sessions that bring sub-groups in that community together face-to-face. Add these sessions to your schedule, and if you aren’t already registered, you can do so here - your friends are waiting for you!

Jenkins in Google Summer of Code 2019 Results

Learn about the projects Jenkins had in Google Summer of Code 2019 and what they bring to the Jenkins ecosystem.

Oleg Nenashev - CloudBees - Jenkins Core maintainer, Jenkins Ambassador

Lean Coffee for the Public Sector

In this session, we will come together as Public Sector DevOps professionals and help each other solve our common issues. Using the Lean Coffee meeting technique, we will democratically determine our agenda and begin attacking some of the Public Sector DevOps challenges.

Karen Taggart - CloudBees - Customer Success Manager

Jenkins Community in China

Join this session to learn about Jenkins’ presence in China. There are many companies and individuals using Jenkins as their CI/CD system, but there are also some problems here. Let’s look at this as an opportunity.

Rick Zhao - Alauda - DevOps Developer