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Written by: Saleena Glowik
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Codeship built their Slack integrations in 2014 and has been extremely happy with the integration ever since. As early adopters of Slack, we were able to code and ship the integration in a short amount of time. Our engineering team integrates slack notifications through our deployment process. We also use slack as a way to communicate with the entire team as a whole.


At Codeship, communication is one of our top priorities amongst our team, our users and customers. An open line of communication between our team is crucial in order to work efficiently together. As communication is important to us, we believe our users should be able to experience our product in a simple, optimal way, which is one of the reasons why we decided to integrate Slack with our CI tool.

Customers Using Slack

The majority of our customers (79%) are using slack for their chat integration. We believe slack is a great integration to have. It enables teams to get notification to the relevant places, where all the communication is happening anyways. For Continuous Integration and Delivery that is particularly useful for keeping everyone in the loop during the software development process. Teams can customize their Slack API in a simple way based on their needs which in the end can improve a team's workflow

Integrating slack in our product was the right decision for us. It’s easy for our users and customers to use, and hugely adopted by many teams. Slack allows our users to be aware and notified at all times, primarily when a build fails and succeeds. By using Slack, our users and customers are aware of who is working on a specific feature and making the latest changes to their codebase.

At Codeship we embrace the communication style that comes with Slack. The entire Codeship team lives in Slack, keeping everyone in the loop. When team members are notified throughout the day, it optimizes our communication and helps us identify issues as quickly and efficient as possible.

If you're interested, sign into your Codeship account to check out our Slack integration You can also check out our custom notification tutorial to learn more.

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