Codeship’s Mo Plassinig, Forrester’s Charles Betz and Jeffrey Hammond Talk High Standards for DevOps Standardization

Written by: Heidi Gilmore
2 min read
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In this episode of DevOps Radio, Andre Pino is joined by Moritz Plassnig, former CEO of Codeship, as well as Forrester analysts, Charles Betz and Jeffrey Hammond. On the very day that CloudBees announced the acquisition of Codeship , Mo and the Forrester analysts discuss a range of topics, starting with cloud native, what it means for developers and to the standardization of the DevOps process.

The crew unanimously agrees that companies not using cloud native environments are wasting developers’ time. According to Forrester research, developers aren’t spending as much time developing code as they would like, as about 30 percent of developers spend at least one hour a day deploying code and configuring infrastructure. Mo says that developers want to write code, develop software and create features, since these are the activities that create value.

The panel then determines that the best solution to this conundrum is to have the right tools in place and integrated, as appropriate, to achieve seamless automation. In a cloud-hosted world, you have more flexibility as to what tools to use. With innovation always ongoing, tools that work well gain momentum, while the rest fall away and then consolidation occurs. Imposing the wrong tool set could also lead to cost-of-delay (a next generation term Charlie defines) but the hardest part is standardizing teams and work flows.

The episode wraps up as Mo discusses the recent CloudBees acquisition of his startup, Codeship. His advice to those who may want to try the new Codeship by CloudBees offering is that if you already know how to configure Jenkins you will have a unified experience using Codeship. Sounds like good advice to us!

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