Codeship Notifications Usage from Teams Among the World

Written by: Saleena Glowik
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Codeship users and customers have configured their integration notification settings based on their project needs. From chat tools to email notifications, there are a ton of different settings to choose from and different ways to configure them.

We’d like to introduce these notification settings to help our users and prospective users utilize Codeship to its fullest potential. We will provide a breakdown and some visuals/graphs of the percent of active users who have enabled each of our notification settings.

Some general numbers

Overall, there have been well over 100,000+ Codeship projects created from people of over 80 countries on earth, as of today. We analyzed all “active” projects. A project on Codeship is considered “active”, if several builds are being run over the course of a month. Notifications are configured on a project level, thus it could be, that one user or customer is actively using multiple chat tools (think of a large company where different teams of developers use different notification methods).

Chat Notification Tools

Chat notification tools really help a team keep everyone in the loop. Codeship offers the following chat integrations: Campfire, Flowdock, Grove, HipChat, Slack, and Webhook. Slack happens to be the most popular one amongst our active users (80%+).


The Bitbucket and GitHub Commit Status API shows the current status of a Codeship build on a Pull Request or branch inside of Github and Bitbucket. This allows users to see everything without needing to go back and forth between Codeship and Bitbucket/GitHub.

More than 60% of the active projects on Codeship are GitHub projects, and close to 40% are set up with Bitbucket repositories.

API Usage Data

Almost all of our users have enabled commit status API. Our API usage data varies throughout the day. During peak times, users request data from the API around 2000 times per minute equalling to about 1Mio requests per day.

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Email Notifications

By default anyone who either owns a project or is added as a team member will receive emails for when a build passes and fails. A large portion of our active users enabled email notifications for all failed builds so they are always notified of their build status. 85% of our active users have enabled email notification for all failed builds and 15% have enabled email notification for only their own builds on their controller branch only.

About 75% of our active users that have access to at least one active project have enabled notification emails and 25% have disabled notification emails.

If you’re interested in learning more about our notification settings, check out our Notification Setup documentation.

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