Codeship and CloudBees Join Forces!

Written by: Sacha Labourey
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CloudBees has acquired Codeship! (read the FAQ )

As the adoption of DevOps and cloud computing accelerates at warp speed within organizations, CI and CD are their strategic backbone on which the DNA of their software value creation gets codified. From applications to infrastructure as code, every IT asset definition flows through a continuous pipeline engine, that’s CI/CD.

Since our inception, CloudBees has witnessed that evolution, from CI (a phenomenon that was mostly local to development teams) to CD (a highly strategic process that becomes the full and only path to production), and from on-premise to cloud (to put things in context, AWS revenues are currently equal to 25% of ALL of Microsoft’s revenues, and seven weeks of AWS revenue are equal to one year of Red Hat’s revenues).

Through that journey, we have been able to help a lot of teams impact their organization and gradually roll out an enterprise-wide DevOps strategy. In most organizations, this starts organically, with a number of leading-edge teams adopting DevOps/CD. The sum of those efforts, and the positive impact they have on the organization, eventually reach a critical mass and lead to a company-wide CI/CD strategy. This is why making sure that as many people and teams as possible can adopt CI/CD is important.

This adoption can take many forms. Obviously, a lot of it takes place through open source. If you look at the publicly available usage statistics for Jenkins (which only captures data from the instances explicitly configured to share it), at any point in time, more than a 650,000 servers operate Jenkins workloads. Jenkins is a fantastic barometer of CI/CD adoption! And in the last few years, Software as a Service (SaaS) has also become a very important way to adopt CI/CD.

A lot of teams (in small and large organizations) have started leveraging a CI/CD SaaS for their applications: SaaS applications are very simple, intuitive to use and provide an opinionated way to do CI/CD for a number of well-defined use cases (which is great if you don’t want to customize the process to your specific environment and constraints). They are also elastic and require very little ongoing management.

Codeship, the leading CI/CD SaaS, is currently helping thousands of organizations around the world to do CI/CD in a very powerful and super-intuitive way.

Codeship by CloudBeesBy joining our forces and portfolios, we are forming a CI/CD powerhouse, able to cater to all needs: from a one-person team to companies with tens of thousands of developers, from SaaS to enterprise-integrated CI/CD on-premise or in the cloud, from highly-opinionated to highly-customizable, CloudBees inevitably has a best of breed solution that fits your needs.

From a portfolio standpoint, we will work towards offering the same language definitions and API throughout our products, enabling companies to move their applications/pipelines, for example, from SaaS to an enterprise-wide CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise deployment: an evolutionary approach that will allow anyone to find a best fit and evolve as their requirements evolve. At any point in your DevOps journey, you can use the tool that best helps you achieve your goals.

On a more personal level, I can share that I’ve been very impressed by the talent and commitment of the Codeship team. I found a team truly passionate in their mission, highly technical and with a clear vision of what they want to achieve. They are true entrepreneurs that share a lot of our values and I’m very excited to work closely together. We are all going to learn a lot!


Sacha Labourey
CEO and co-founder, CloudBees

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