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Written by: Sacha Labourey
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You may have already read the blogs Mo and I wrote (if you haven’t - see links, below) about the merger of our companies. Between our two offerings, we have truly made “continuous integration and continuous delivery for all” a reality. Whether your needs are for opinionated, cloud-based continuous delivery or customized enterprise-grade continuous delivery, we have an offering for you!

By combining our companies, CloudBees has truly become the de facto standard for CI/CD solutions.

I fully anticipate that you may have questions about the acquisition. Therefore, we’ve put together this FAQ about it (see below) and also created some other assets to help you learn more about why we did it.

Learn more about the acquisition:

Onward - let’s all keep shipping!

Sacha Labourey
CEO and co-founder

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who is Codeship?

  • Codeship is the leading SaaS-based continuous delivery platform that enables fully automated, cloud-based software delivery.

  • Codeship’s product offering caters to multiple stakeholders in the application development process, including developers, DevOps engineers and IT managers who require a fully automated and easy-to-use platform for seamless testing, integration and deployment of code. Codeship’s Basic product meets developers’ needs for an easy-to-learn and easy to manage solution.

  • Codeship offers three products, Codeship Basic, Codeship Pro and Codeship Enterprise.

    • Codeship Basic and Codeship Pro include a free tier and are free for use in open source projects. Codeship Pro is one of only a few continuous delivery tools that offer pipeline as code, enabling developers to version and reuse pipelines far more easily than traditional, GUI-based configuration systems. In addition, Codeship Pro supports Docker natively and supports building Docker images as an output of the continuous integration process. Both Codeship Basic and Codeship Pro have built-in continuous delivery functionality.

    • Codeship Enterprise offers a hybrid approach to continuous delivery, allowing organizations to run their builds in the cloud, while hosting their source code on-premise

  • Codeship is actively engaged in the developer community. Codeshippers produce a weekly newsletter and sponsor several developer conferences each year.

How does the acquisition enhance CloudBees’ market position?

  • The acquisition of Codeship will extend CloudBees’ value and leadership in the rapidly evolving continuous delivery/DevOps marketplace.

  • Over the years, CloudBees has focused its product development efforts on the enterprise Jenkins market, helping organizations to scale their software development and continuous delivery capabilities by providing a highly scalable platform that forms the foundation of their DevOps strategy.

  • The Codeship solutions meet a new and growing market requirement - SaaS-based software delivery tool chains:

    • These are opinionated tools that offer fast learning and simple operation.

    • Increasingly, development teams want self-service tools that are easy to learn and manage, to support their development efforts.

  • The addition of the Codeship SaaS solution to the CloudBees portfolio enables CloudBees to:

    • Offer development teams self-service tools that are easy to use and manage.

    • Broaden our addressable market in a significant way, and cater to a segment of the market that we were not previously engaged with.

    • Add an online business presence.

    • Increase our customer acquisition and transaction velocity.

Why Codeship, why not another company?

  • SaaS-based software delivery solutions have become increasingly popular as an easier and simpler way for developers and project teams to utilize CI/CD capabilities in a self-service model. This is where Codeship has focused and excelled.

  • Codeship has developed a platform and brand that is highly respected in this market segment.

  • Codeship’s product offering caters to multiple stakeholders in the modern application development process, including developers, DevOps engineers and IT managers that require a fully automated and easy-to-use platform for seamless testing, integration and deployment of code. Codeship’s Basic product meets developers’ needs for an easy-to-learn, easy to run and easy to manage continuous delivery solution.

  • The addition of the Codeship team provides CloudBees with amazing talent and experience across almost all of our business functions, as well as solid best practices in running a cloud environment.

Why now?
SaaS-based software delivery solutions have become increasingly popular as an easier and simpler way for developers and project teams to utilize continuous delivery capabilities in a self-service model. Particularly as continuous delivery and DevOps adoption continues to accelerate, IT teams are looking for solutions easy to adopt, use and manage.

As this segment of the market grows, it is important for CloudBees to be able to capture this segment of the market and to offer a full range of continuous delivery solutions serving individual developers, project teams, SMBs and medium to large enterprises, alike.

How will Codeship customers benefit?
Codeship customers will benefit in several ways:

  • Their investment in Codeship tools will now be backed by a larger company with more extensive customer service, support and success organizations.

  • The Codeship brand will now be associated with the global CloudBees brand.

  • Over time, they will benefit from a more extensive solution portfolio and will be able to easily incorporate additional functionality and capabilities (e.g. future CloudBees innovation similar to Blue Ocean and CloudBees DevOptics, both released in 2017).

  • They will become partners with one of the best known continuous delivery and DevOps leaders in the industry with extensive knowledge and experience in Jenkins, continuous delivery and DevOps .

  • They will be able to take advantage of the industry-leading Jenkins World global DevOps events to learn best practices for software delivery from peers and other industry leaders.

How will CloudBees customers benefit?
As a trusted vendor, CloudBees now offers its customers a broader range of CI/CD solutions. Today, all CloudBees customers are using Jenkins-based solutions for their software development and delivery needs. With the addition of Codeship, you now have an alternative solution designed for development projects and teams that want an opinionated and easy to use CD as a Service option - all from one vendor.

Initially, Jenkins pipelines will not be compatible with the Codeship platform, and vice versa. However, over time, the CloudBees and Codeship platforms will evolve to a unified platform providing a full range of software delivery capabilities from simple, highly-opinionated continuous delivery solutions to large scale and highly flexible and customizable solutions. This will provide CloudBees customers with a full range of options that will evolve as their CI/CD needs evolve.

Going forward, we will be converging a number of key features so that migration of projects between the environments is made easy for DevOps teams.

Is CloudBees moving away from Jenkins? Does this change CloudBees’ relationship with the Jenkins community?

  • CloudBees continues to invest heavily in Jenkins and the Jenkins community.

  • CloudBees desires to bring a full range of offerings, including the simplicity of a SaaS platform, to the Jenkins user community.

  • Our commitment to Jenkins is unwavering, as demonstrated by our ongoing support for the community and commitment to evolve Jenkins.

When was the acquisition finalized?
The transaction was approved by each company’s board of directors, and the agreement was signed in early February 2018.

What are the next steps in the acquisition process?
The Codeship employees have already been integrated into CloudBees teams and we have started the process of integrating business functions.

What are the terms of the acquisition?
The terms are undisclosed.

Will the Codeship brand continue after the acquisition?
Yes. Codeship has built significant brand recognition in the SaaS continuous delivery space and the Codeship brand will continue to represent the Codeship platform. The Codeship products will be known as Codeship Basic by CloudBees , Codeship Pro by CloudBees and Codeship Enterprise by CloudBees.

Will CloudBees retain Codeship executives and employees?
CloudBees will retain Codeship executives and employees, including Moritz Plassnig, the CEO of Codeship, whose role initially will be to ensure the smooth integration of the two companies.

Who should I go to if I still have questions?
If you need additional information, please email

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