CloudBees Won a Customer Impact Award!

Written by: James Brown
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CloudBees Won a Customer Impact Award! So What Does "Strongest Impact at a Startup" Mean?

The CloudBees award-winning team, on stage at Totango's Customer Success Summit, March 5-6, San Francisco.
Left to right: Angel Viloria, James Brown, Matt Carrico, Summer Weisberg, Nathan Mapp.

Market potential and product viability aside, the people at a startup are your singular differentiator. At CloudBees, we strive to approach every situation through the lens of the customer. This isn't easy.

Each of us are naturally focused on how we can operationalize our organizations and our individual roles, but to do so through the eyes of someone else is less intuitive. However, the "lens of the customer" is a trait we hire for across all roles and departments.

This mentality, at an individual level, becomes a force multiplier at an organizational level, which has enabled our customer success organization to have the positive impact it's had on the business. At CloudBees, the customer success teams are the steward of each customer's journey, starting from pre-sales to onboarding through long-term adoption, the customer success organization delivers a best-in-breed service experience to our customers. Extending beyond the traditional definition of customer success to encompass adoption, value, expertise, technical enablement, education and knowledge, the CloudBees customer success organization is made up of several teams, each playing a key role in our customer experience. This approach uniquely positions us to help our customers achieve their desired outcomes.

Our teams:

  • Adoption
    The customer success management team drives adoption through the innovative Continuous Delivery (CD) Acceleration program, which pulls together the collective CloudBees teams in a prescriptive journey that begins with onboarding and guides a customer through operationalization before culminating in a mature CD process that supports the customer’s desired outcomes.

  • Value
    The customer value management team is transforming the way CloudBees ensures value realization for our customers. With a hyper-focus on identifying, measuring and realizing business value, we can help our customers tell their success stories and proactively work with them to identify a lack of progress.

  • Expertise
    Our support delivery team consists of 100% certified CloudBees Jenkins Platform experts that are on the front line with customers ensuring questions are answered and issues are resolved in a timely manner. This has resulted in a 98% satisfaction rate based on a 24% survey response rate for over two years and running!

  • Technical Enablement, Education and Knowledge
    Probably the most diverse team from a scope perspective, the training, certification and knowledge management team is responsible for technical enablement for customers, partners and internal Bees, as well as an integral part of the product and engineering process when building documentation and training materials.

Having the "Strongest Impact at a Startup" means moving the needle in each of these areas driving tangible outcomes for both our customers and the business. This past week, CloudBees was unexpectedly honored at the Customer Success Summit by Totango with the Customer Success Hero Award for, "Strongest Impact at a Startup."

If you're interested in learning more how customer success can help you achieve your DevOps dreams, please feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn .

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James Brown is Area VP of Customer Success at CloudBees.
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