CloudBees Welcomes HSBC as an Investor

Written by: Sacha Labourey
2 min read
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Last week we announced that HSBC was joining CloudBees as an investor. Now that I’m back from business travel, I wanted to share some more information on this investment.

HSBC is very important to CloudBees: they are not only one of our biggest customers , but we are also collaborating closely with them on some key strategic initiatives such as the next iteration of our CloudBees platform (the first market implementation of SDM ), on Jenkins X and on hybrid public/private cloud deployments, in particular with Google Anthos.

Last year, as we announced our last round of financing, HSBC expressed interest in joining the team as investors, to be part of our journey. We loved the idea! Generally, this makes it possible for us to have a unique perspective on the requirements of the finance industry and how to best solve them. Specifically, it gives us an up-close view into how one financial organization is handling their DevOps transformation. This is especially interesting given that HSBC is pursuing one of the most ambitious digital transformations on the market. Darryl West , group CIO and Dinesh Keswani , group CTO, have massive ambitions for the bank.

To read more about the vision they have for the bank, I encourage you to read HSBC’s Technology Manifesto 1.0 that they recently released.


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