CloudBees Webinar: Authentication and Authorization in Jenkins on July 27th

Written by: Harpreet Singh
2 min read
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One of the most-often asked questions we get about Jenkins is, "How do I put the right authorization mechanisms in place for securing Jenkins?"

There is usually an implied question in there, which is, "Which authentication plugin should I be looking at and how do I set it up?"

Our next webinar focuses on the Authentication and Authorization plugins available to Jenkins users. Jenkins veteran developer Stephen Connolly will...

  • Look into the top authentication plugins like "Active Directory", "Crowd", and "Unix password".

  • Dive into authorization plugins like the "Role Strategy" plugin and others.

  • Showcase Nectar's Role-based Access Control plugin (Nectar is CloudBees' pro version of Jenkins).
    This plugin has been the most often requested feature for CloudBees as it provides users a higher level of sophistication that is not available in the open source plugins.

He will wrap up with some use-cases, walk-throughs and Q&A.

This webinar is a followup to Kohsuke's "Securing Jenkins" webinar that we did in March. You can view that webinar here.

Who is Stephen?
Stephen is an awesome guy who happens to be one of the top committers to the Jenkins project and is on the Maven PMC. Here is a link to his bio on CloudBees. I could point you to his LinkedIn bio but then I run the risk that you may try to hire him ;-).

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When: July 27th, 9 am PT / noon ET


If you are busy, sign up nevertheless as we will send a video of the recording and slides.

  • Harpreet Singh, Senior Director of Product Management

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