The CloudBees Support Plugin: Delivering Jenkins Support Faster

At CloudBees, we pride ourselves on being the premier company for Jenkins support. Some of the top contributors to Jenkins (including Kohsuke, Jenkins founder) are on our team.

With Jenkins Enterprise by CloudBees support, not only do we offer support for OSS Jenkins but we offer support on all OSS Jenkins plugins (yes - all 700, or whatever the number happens to be today!). Generally, we offer a guaranteed response time on open support tickets.

A typical support ticket usually requires additional details depending on the type of ticket being opened. With the Support plugin, we have tried to make interaction between the Jenkins Enterprise by CloudBees user filing the ticket and CloudBees easier. The Support plugin generates a bundle of commonly requested information used by CloudBees. This bundle has information from the logs, user information, environment variables, thread dumps and system properties. The person filing the ticket can attach this zip file to the support ticket. The end result: CloudBees gets more complete information immediately, when opening the ticket, and this helps us resolve the issue faster.

If the plugin is installed, the plugin stores a bundle every hour, purged using an exponential strategy on the local system. Thus, for issues where the Jenkins UI is inaccessible, the bundle is still available to help debug issues.

If you are a CloudBees customer, I encourage you to use it when filing tickets.


Additional information:


- Harpreet Singh

Senior Director, product management


Harpreet has 14 years of experience in the software industry. Prior to CloudBees, he was at Oracle and Sun for 10 years in various roles, including leading the marketing efforts for Java EE 6 and GlassFish 3.1. He was also product manager for Hudson, launching it within Sun’s GlassFish Portfolio.


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