CloudBees Software Delivery Management: Data is the New Oil

Written by: Michael Baldani
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Editor’s Note: This blog post is part of a two-part series on the CloudBees Preview Program for our Software Delivery Management (SDM) platform. The other part shares how CloudBees uses our own SDM platform to realize productivity and efficiency gains within our own software development organization.

We’re familiar with how the DevOps market constantly changes and disrupts the ecosystem. Product and engineering leaders find it challenging to ensure seamless value delivery without breaching deadlines. Team efficiency, software delivery planning and accurate estimations add to the mounting GTM pressure.

Indeed a recent survey by Gartner , Survey Analysis: IT Is Moving Quickly From Projects to Products, stated: “85% of organizations have adopted, or plan to adopt, a product-centric application delivery model.”

In other words, software delivery and its management go hand-in-hand to establish a fully connected, cross-functional workforce so that organizations can meet the demands of bringing their applications to market in this fast-paced and competitive world. To enable companies with software-driven innovation, CloudBees has introduced how we’ll support the strategy of Software Delivery Management (SDM) with a platform that provides product and engineering leaders granular visibility into:

  • Contributions and efficiency of their teams,

  • Product development pipelines, and

  • Progress on new feature development

The unveiling of the SDM Preview Program at DevOps World | Jenkins World 2019 in San Francisco focused on offering interested and qualified customers early access to the solution. Since then, we’ve added more and more capabilities to our SDM solution and want to gather as much feedback as possible, to enhance and improve the solution while developing the insight on what matters to our customers - specifically, product managers and engineering team leaders. We know these stakeholders need to receive meaningful insights about all their disparate projects in a single dashboard view to become more efficient and ultimately deliver better software, faster.

Let’s see why product managers and engineering teams should care about our preview program, and what the CloudBees solution for SDM will give them.

What you get from the SDM Preview Program

Value delivery blockages become very common when companies do not have complete transparency and cohesion between their business functions. The CloudBees solution for SDM helps maximize the value creation in the continuous delivery pipeline and set up software delivery management as part of the core business processes.

It gives the flexibility to extend the feedback loop right from:

  • Issue creation, in the development phase;

  • Resolution of issues and removal of potential bottlenecks, and;

  • End-user interaction with the software.

Software delivery velocity and quality are becoming crucial indicators for DevOps success, along with other KPIs such as development pace, change failure rates, tickets raised vs. resolved, time-to-value and so forth.

The CloudBees SDM Preview Program was designed to help companies smartly manage all the product pipelines, repositories, feature sets, value streams, customer requests and more. Every little detail you need to know — all in one single place.

The SDM platform is all about having full visibility into your software development performance, efficiency and contribution through a common data model and unified process. Moreover, apart from business leaders and product and development managers, individual developers can set their priorities and see their day’s responsibilities in the entire workflow with the SDM Contributions dashboard. It tells them about:

  • Current contributions and suggestions made by team members

  • Policy violations, issues, failing branches with open pull requests (PRs)

  • Detailed view of the issues occurred — Type, Description, Status, Assignee, PR, Build status (Pass or Fail), Idle time and so forth

The platform is much more than just a set of features. Since “data is the new oil,” the CloudBees solution for SDM benefits customers by:

  • Connecting teams and tools across an organization with a common data model

  • Enabling control and collaboration through a unified process to deliver software faster

  • Offering customers improved value and measurable business outcomes

With all the relevant data in one place and flowing across the entire organizational structure, Software Delivery Management brings in continuous collaboration. With such transparency, SDM now turns into a core business process and becomes an integral strategy for any organization.

If you are interested in becoming a potential candidate for the CloudBees SDM solution preview program, sign up for the SDM Preview Program today.

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