CloudBees Releases Amazon ECR Plugin 1.0-Beta

Written by: Nicolas De Loof
2 min read
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Amazon Web Services (AWS) recently announced the availability of the EC2 Container Registry (ECR). Amazon ECR is a fully-hosted private Docker registry that makes it easy to store your Docker images and use them from the Amazon EC2 Container Service (ECS) to run your containerized application on a scalable infrastructure.

We are excited to announce that CloudBees has developed an Amazon ECR plugin to use in Jenkins. In order to do this, we added Amazon credentials support in the Jenkins infrastructure for Docker integration to enable a smooth user experience with existing Jenkins Docker plugins.

The Amazon ECR plugin implements a Docker Token producer to convert AWS credentials to Jenkins’ API used by most Docker-related plugins. With this producer, you can select your existing registered AWS credentials for various Docker operations in Jenkins. Here’s an example using the CloudBees Docker Build and Publish plugin:

The Amazon ECR plugin uses Amazon ECR’s GetAuthorizationToken API to convert AWS credentials into a short term authorization token, used by Jenkins’ Docker-commons infrastructure plugin to configure the docker command line client. As a result, shell scripts relying on the Docker CLI as well as Workflow also will benefit from this integration.

The plugin allows you to setup a complete continuous delivery pipeline to build, test and deploy Docker images on AWS infrastructure, orchestrated by Jenkins. All you need to do is specify your AWS credentials along with the URL of your Amazon ECR Registry.

The Amazon ECR plugin from CloudBees has been released as 1.0-beta-1 in Jenkins Experimental Update Center . We encourage you to give it a try and give us feedback.

- Nicolas De Loof - CloudBees

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