CloudBees Product Feedback Portal: Collaborate and Vote on Product Ideas!

Written by: Ben Williams
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Among many things, DevOps emphasizes the critical importance of fast feedback loops. At CloudBees, where we place huge value on the principle of Continuous Everything , we think it’s incredibly important to ensure that those feedback loops don’t end after we ship product.

So today marks an important milestone for us as we launch an all-new product feedback portal that allows customers to closely collaborate with us (and each other) around ideas for future changes and improvements to our products.

The new feedback portal will give you direct access to the CloudBees product team to suggest and discuss your ideas. Any and all ideas are welcome!

A forum for collaboration and co-creation

The new CloudBees product feedback portal uses the Pendo Feedback platform behind the scenes to provide a rich medium for direct conversation and collaboration around suggestions and ideas for improvements to our products.

If you have an idea for a new product or feature, or a change to an existing feature, you can use the new feedback portal to submit your suggestion. But the feedback portal allows you to do much more. You’re able to see product requests from other customers too and add your vote to those ideas if they are something that you’d also like to see CloudBees develop. You can discuss ideas with other customers and the CloudBees product team to enable us to have a much deeper understanding of your ideas and why they’re important to you. This will help us to design and build better solutions that really address your pain points and impact your business.

How does it work?

When you access the feedback portal your dashboard will show you the requests that you have submitted, as well as ideas submitted by others.

It’s common that your idea may be shared by other customers, so you can quickly add your vote to existing ideas to let us know that’s something you want too, without needing to recreate and duplicate the suggestion.

Keeping you informed!

The feedback portal also allows us to keep you informed about our progress as we plan and build solutions that address any of your requests. You can see our product pipelines on the ‘What’s Coming?’ page:

When we release a solution that addresses an idea that’s been submitted, you’ll see it in the ‘Releases’ page:

All of these views can be filtered by CloudBees product to tailor the information you see.

How we handle your feedback

When we first receive your idea, the CloudBees product team will review it. If we think we need more information to understand the request we’ll contact you, otherwise, we’ll set the status of the request to ‘Awaiting Feedback’. This makes it visible to other customers so they’re able to add their comments and votes to the idea.

This qualitative and quantitative data about requests allows us to make better-informed product decisions - during our quarterly product planning meetings the CloudBees product team reviews and discusses ideas in the context of our product strategy. During those meetings, we will change the status of requests we plan to build solutions for. Those requests will also be added to the ‘What’s Coming?’ page. If you’ve submitted or voted on a request, you’ll get an email notification when the status changes - this makes it really easy to keep track of all your requests without needing to check back on them in the portal.

When we change the status of requests, we’ll always aim to include an explanation to share additional detail and rationale for the change.

Get started today!

Our new feedback portal is now live! We’d love for you to start collaborating with us right away. To learn how to access the portal, view guidance on how to submit your ideas, and get information on how we handle your feedback, take a look at our Product Feedback Policy .

I’m really excited about how our new product feedback portal will enable faster, higher quality, more rich feedback loops between CloudBees product teams and you, our customers. See you there!

Ben Williams

VP Product, CloudBees

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