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Written by: Sacha Labourey
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Today, Pivotal and CloudBees are announcing a strategic partnership, one that sits at the intersection of two very powerful waves that are re-shaping the IT landscape as we know it today: Cloud and Continuous Delivery.

Pivotal has been executing on an ambitious platform strategy that makes it possible for enterprises to benefit from a wide range of services within their existing datacenter: from Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) up to Platform as a Service (PaaS), as well as a very valuable service, Pivotal Network, that makes it trivial to deploy certified third-party solutions on your Pivotal private cloud. (To read Pivotal's view on the partnership, check out the blog authored by Nima Badiey, head of ecosystem partnerships and business development for Cloud Foundry.)

As such, our teams have been working closely on delivering a CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise solution specifically crafted for Pivotal CF. It will feature a unique user experience and will be leveraging Pivotal’s cloud layer to provide self-service and elasticity to CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise users. We expect our common solution to be available on Pivotal CF later this year, and we will be iteratively increasing the feature set.

Given Jenkins’ flexibility, Pivotal customers will be using our combined offering in a variety of ways but two leading scenarios are already emerging.

The first scenario is for Pivotal developers to use Jenkins to perform continuous integration and continuous delivery of applications deployed on top of the Pivotal CF PaaS. CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise provides an integration with the CloudFoundry PaaS API that makes the application deployment process very smooth and straightforward. This first scenario provides first class support for continuous delivery to Pivotal CF developers.

The second scenario focuses on enterprises relying on Jenkins for continuous integration and/or continuous delivery of existing (non-Pivotal CF-based) applications. Thanks to the Pivotal/CloudBees partnership, companies will ultimately be able to leverage the Pivotal cloud to benefit from elastic build capacity as well as the ability to provision more resources on-demand, in a self-service fashion.

The CloudBees team is very proud to partner with Pivotal and bring Pivotal users access to CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise, the leading continuous delivery solution.

Sacha Labourey is the CEO and founder of CloudBees.

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