CloudBees Now Offers SAML 2.0 Integration - Make Yourself at Home!

Written by: Sacha Labourey
1 min read
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We are happy to announce that we just launched our support for SAML 2.0 identity provider SSO integration, a feature that lots of enterprises had requested we implement.

What that means is that you can register your company SAML provider (Okta, OneLogin, etc.) with your CloudBees account so that your employees do not have to manually create distinct usernames/password on CloudBees.

Note that this is not only useful for your developers that are working with the CloudBees platform, it is also convenient when setting some applications as "private," they then automatically become only accessible to your authenticated domain users.

You can decide to either manually identify the users in your domain that will be authorized as part of your CloudBees account or, more simply, you can let CloudBees lazily create a CloudBees user the first time your users try to log on CloudBees.

Feature highlights:

  • Easily integrate your SAML 2.0 based IdP, Okta/OneLogin or your enterprise SAML2.0 compliant identity provider endpoint with CloudBees

  • Enables SSO in to CloudBees services

  • Can be configured for automatic new user provisioning in CloudBees

  • SAML SSO integration UI

  • SAML IdP configuration enforces email's HTTP domain ownership (see UI below)

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