CloudBees Named “Leader” in Ovum Decision Matrix for DevOps Release Management

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Ovum Decision Matrix

Ovum, an industry analyst with a big presence in the UK, recently completed a comprehensive study of key vendors helping organizations automate manual software releases. These findings were published as part of their first ever Ovum Decision Matrix (ODM) for DevOps Release Management. Because CloudBees is broadly recognized as a leader in DevOps Release Automation, Ovum requested that we participate. Overall, there were 11 vendors in the study, including some industry giants, as well as some smaller players. Ovum subscribers use the Ovum Decision Matrix to boil down the performance of leading Application Release Automation (ARA) tools into an easy-to-read heat chart to help assess a product’s maturity across a number of key characteristics (excerpted, below).


One of our biggest differentiators, and what we believe helped us achieve so much success in this ODM, is our single, powerful and end-to-end automation platform that can be extended in any direction to connect to any tools and solve the most complex of use cases – including ARA. This differentiator clearly resonated strongly with Ovum – and in fact, they explicitly recommend that organizations should only consider solutions that are built on a single, holistic platform.

CloudBees Flow Among Highest Ranked for Both Execution and Technology

“Helping the world deliver better software faster” is more than just a slogan for us, it is a way of life. We were among the highest ranked both Execution and Technology in the ODM, which underscores our commitment to – and leadership in – the future of this increasingly important space. When coupled with our aggressive 60-day feature release cycle, we are rapidly executing rapidly – adding more and more valuable features to the product, and releasing those features into the hands of customers at an amazing pace. In addition to these accolades from key analysts we are also noticing significant market traction. We have recently registred many competitive wins at some of the biggest companies in the world – especially in Financial Services. Our ability to provide an end to end DevOps Release Automation solution natively on a single platform and do that at scale is resonating not only with customers who didn’t have any ARA solution before but we are seeing lot of success in replacing other ARA tools also. While our results within the Ovum ODM are extremely fulfilling, we know there is more we can do.  So, we have set our sights on improving our showing in the Ovum ODM next year. We will do this by pushing the boundaries of ARA with new features and products to tackle even more critical use cases. We’re off to a great start already and have many customers eagerly waiting for our next release, which will bring enhancements and updates to our core platform, as well as new functionality to app support to simplify and accelerate deployments. As we look ahead, we’ll be enhancing our ability to build, orchestrate  and manage a large volume of containers and microservices.  We’ll continue to add more plugins and templates, re-usable objects, and granular layers of automation to help customers to get up and running faster, be more agile in the face of change, and maintain greater control and visibility over their end-to-end software delivery process. We look forward to continuing a great year in 2016 and are proud to be recognized by Ovum as a Leader in the DevOps Release Management ODM. This achievement, along with a number of recent competitive wins , validates the investment we have made across our entire organization to help customers solve the end-to-end software delivery problems organizations face today. We also wish to congratulate the other participants in this years ODM, all of whom contribute to the overall community of learning and tooling that make this ecosystem more diverse, and competitive.

  Ovum Decision Matrix

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