CloudBees Jenkins Support: DevOps and Jenkins Expertise at Your Side

Written by: Parker Ennis
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It's an exciting time at CloudBees with DevOps World | Jenkins World San Francisco in full swing and DevOps World | Jenkins World Nice around the corner. To add to this excitement, CloudBees officially launched a new offering in the CloudBees Suite - CloudBees Jenkins Support - announced today at the San Francisco conference! You can now purchase a subscription to our support-only offering and receive expert technical support and maintenance for open source Jenkins. This is the first offering of its kind!****

Why is this important to you? Now, open source Jenkins users can take advantage of our DevOps and Jenkins expertise. We know that Jenkins provides unparalleled flexibility, quality and power to deliver your critical applications fast and secure. To no one's surprise, Jenkins is considered the de facto standard for those looking to implement continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD).

Jenkins support challenges

However, with great power comes great responsibility.

Administering and supporting Jenkins (or any mission-critical software) internally at your organization can turn into more of a chore than originally intended and put your developers in a tough position. Writing code no longer takes precedence over the daily tasks necessary to feed and care for Jenkins. Maintaining the speed and quality of software delivery becomes increasingly difficult and demands additional expertise as you onboard more teams onto Jenkins. More specifically, as your workloads grow, monolithic controllers appear more frequently and pose an added stability risk. Tool chains continue to diversify and more plugins are added that demand special attention in order for pipelines to operate effectively.

If you're hands-on with Jenkins, I'm willing to bet you have experienced the occasional pain of managing plugin dependencies when it's time to upgrade Jenkins core. My point here isn't to turn the focus solely on the challenges of using Jenkins, but, moreover, to be real and to highlight the fact that Jenkins users are no strangers to encountering these challenges. In fact, it's quite the opposite.

The Jenkins user base makes up one of the most vibrant, active, open source communities around. Continuous code contributions from developers all over the world are part of what makes Jenkins such an incredible tool and the community embraces challenges by facing them head-on, together. CloudBees echoes this sentiment as a major sponsor, contributor and tenant of the Jenkins community.

Subscription details

So, how exactly does CloudBees Jenkins Support fit into all of this?

A support subscription from CloudBees enables organizations to improve overall stability with Jenkins and stay compliant, but that's just the start. It means you have someone to call when issues arise in Jenkins, eliminating the need to search forums or other channels in hopes of finding a resolution to problems. You'll get technical support from the experts at CloudBees, available 24x7, and a risk-free upgrade experience.

We'll also send you a rock-solid, CloudBees-supported Jenkins distribution that's optional to install. Yes, that means you can bring your own Jenkins. If you choose to use your own Jenkins instance, a standard health diagnosis will be required to evaluate the current state of the instance. If the health report shows that you are not following best practices for Jenkins, our support team will provide guidance on what needs to be done to be fully supported.

In addition, you'll have access to our knowledge base, subscriber community forum and the entirety of our support teams’ subject matter expertise at your disposal. With the largest group of Jenkins-certified engineers at your side, you'll gain peace of mind and the ability to confidently deploy to production.

For anyone looking to be as successful as possible with Jenkins, CloudBees Jenkins Support is the offering for you!

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