CloudBees Jenkins Platform - Remix or Mashup?

Written by: Dan Juengst
3 min read
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As you may know, CloudBees has been offering an enterprise version of the open source Jenkins automation software for about four years. While initially the enterprise software business was not CloudBees’ primary focus, we quickly realized that there was great demand for our enterprise Jenkins product, due to the advanced enterprise features it included as well as the professional technical support. CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise added advanced features on top of the open source Jenkins in the areas of reliability, management, security and performance optimization. This enterprise upgrade to Jenkins has had tremendous market success and has become the primary business focus of CloudBees.

As the numbers of deployments grew, our great customers who were using CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise soon came to us with requests for help in managing their CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise implementations with additional capabilities around operations and monitoring for Jenkins. So, to help our customers better use Jenkins to accelerate their application delivery on a broad scale, we introduced CloudBees Jenkins Operations Center. Operations Center provided some cool capabilities such as a “controller of controllers” view of your entire Jenkins deployment, the ability to share a pool of agents amongst multiple controllers, and advanced analytics and dashboarding so that you can better understand how Jenkins is being used.

We soon came to realize that the operational views and features provided by CloudBees Jenkins Operations Center are very valuable even in small Jenkins deployments for individual teams or small organizations.

So, based on customer feedback, we have “remixed” CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise and CloudBees Jenkins Operations Center and created CloudBees Jenkins Platform which includes the features of both.

In addition, to make it easier for smaller teams to get started with the cool stuff that we offer in the CloudBees Jenkins Platform, we have created two different editions of the platform.

CloudBees Jenkins Platform - Team Edition
For small teams or organizations with a limited number of developers that want to:

  • Improve developer productivity by leveraging advanced developer features for Jenkins

  • Get started with continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD)

  • Have access to Jenkins support experts for quick problem resolution

CloudBees Jenkins Platform - Enterprise Edition
For enterprise DevOps or infrastructure teams that want to:

  • Run Jenkins operations at scale to support a large number of developers and/or teams

  • Monitor usage and share resources across their Jenkins implementation

  • Optimize the performance and efficiency of the CD platform

  • And leverage the benefits for developers and teams provided by the Team Edition features

The Enterprise Edition includes all the features of the Team Edition plus the advanced features needed to run Jenkins at enterprise scale.

So, CloudBees now has an enterprise Jenkins offering for you regardless of whether you are a small shop or one just getting started with CI and CD, or you are a large organization that wants to manage multiple Jenkins deployments and manage the performance and availability of Jenkins to support your mission critical usage.

With the CloudBees Jenkins Platform, you can easily begin to Deliver Better Software Faster through the use of continuous delivery. And with the new suite of open source Docker plugins for Jenkins , you can now use lightweight containers as the environment automation within your CD pipelines.

Dan Juengst
Senior Director, Product Marketing

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