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CloudBees Feature Flags Are Available On-Premise!

Written by: Nick Rendall

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My parents are the average social-media obsessed Millennial's nightmare. A few years ago, they moved to the ends of the earth as far as I’m concerned: the base of the Bighorn Mountains in (very) remote Wyoming. Rather than spending their retirement savings traveling the world adding to their Instagram stories like any “normal” person, they chose to build a large, custom house on their own kingdom of acreage. Everything was built exactly how they want it: now it’s their personal paradise and they rarely leave. It works for them. They’re largely closed off to the world, and that’s how they like it. And I’ve never seen them happier!

This might be a lifestyle trend. Kanye West is putting roots down in remote Wyoming after all. Why am I bringing it up in a blog post about feature flags though? Because there are thousands of organizations out there with a similar hosting mindset as my parents. Despite the rapid growth of public cloud and SaaS, many companies are perfectly content to do their own thing, managing their own highly customized data centers on-premise or in their own private cloud, and they have no intention of moving. They see value in staying disconnected and customized in their own environment, whether it is due to mission-critical legacy systems on-premise, cost of public cloud, security or even speed. And many of these companies also could not be happier with their airtight, customized, on-premise environments.

Companies, like people, have a wide variety of preferences for how and why they do what they do. It’s no different for where they want to host their systems. Public cloud works for some companies, and for others, managing on-premise or private cloud makes more sense. Regardless of what environment they want to operate in, all types of companies will benefit from using feature flags to reduce risk in their releases, improve developer productivity and close the feedback loop on feature adoption before a feature is released. Here at CloudBees, we realized that all companies, regardless of their hosting preferences, deserve the benefits that feature flags bring. In fact, we believe that one day in the near future, nearly all features will be released behind a flag. So, we strove to provide feature flag management for any company regardless of deployment model. It’s with much excitement that I’m happy to announce we have created the industry’s first self-managed (on-premise / private cloud) enterprise feature flag management platform! (Read our press release on the news to learn more.)

We’ve taken the deployment question out of the equation for enterprise feature flag management, with all functionality of our SaaS platform in the self-managed version. We see this as a game changer for organizations staying on-premise, and are excited to spread the benefits of an enterprise feature flag management platform to a whole new group of companies that have not been able to use them before. Feature Flags are rapidly growing in popularity , and CloudBees is committed to integrating them as seamlessly as possible into our Software Delivery Automation (SDA) suite for value and use cases that cannot be achieved using standalone systems. Making CloudBees Feature Flags available on-premise, in addition to SaaS, is an exciting next step in that vision.

If you want to manage flags in an on-premise or private cloud environment, I encourage you to give the self-managed version a try today!

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