CloudBees Core Is Now Available for Purchase on AWS Marketplace

Written by: Jason Mero
2 min read

We’re pleased to announce that CloudBees Core is now available to purchase directly on AWS Marketplace . CloudBees Core™ is a modern continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) solution that’s well-adapted to run and scale on Kubernetes platforms, like Amazon EKS. CloudBees Core includes Operations Center, which enables administrators to quickly provision managed Jenkins controllers for each development team.

With CloudBees Core, organizations can embrace rather than replace their existing DevOps toolchains while scaling Jenkins to deliver enterprise-wide secure and compliant software. This can be achieved in your private datacenter or bursting in the customer’s AWS cloud environment. With CloudBees Core, you get:

  • Comprehensive Jenkins team management

  • Flexibility with central governance

  • Verified Jenkins plugins through the CloudBees Assurance Program

  • Proactive infrastructure health monitoring and alerting to ensure uptime

  • Configuration as code to enable easy creation of new controllers

  • Pipeline policy and best practices enforcement

  • Visibility to identify and remove bottlenecks

  • World-class 24x7 support for your enterprise deployments

We have also made it easy to build and deploy CloudBees Core itself as we now offer an AWS QuickStart. This QuickStart deploys CloudBees Core on Amazon Web Services (AWS), to provide a continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) solution that’s based on Jenkins and integrated with Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS). It sets up a CI/CD environment that meets architectural best practices, including high availability, automatic scaling, segregation of agent workloads and Kubernetes-native integration with Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud.

Existing AWS customers can start using CloudBees Core easily by purchasing licenses - without the pain of managing approvals through your procurement process - as the cost will be bundled in your monthly AWS billing.

For more information on CloudBees Core on AWS Marketplace, visit:

CloudBees Core AWS QuickStart Location

CloudBees with AWS Landing Page

CloudBees Marketplace Link

CloudBees Core on AWS Marketplace Datasheet

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