CloudBees in 2015: WE ARE HIRING (Big Time...)

Written by: Sacha Labourey
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2014 has been a fantastic year for CloudBees. We made some hard strategic decisions and they were exactly the right ones. As a result, we've enjoyed very big growth in 2014 (more to come on that topic) and we have much more in the pipeline for 2015. So what about 2015?

Our motto for 2015 is "SCALE-UP and SCALE-OUT. "

SCALE-UP because we are going to accelerate investment in our growth engine (sales and marketing). This will directly translate into hiring in sales (inside, as well as outside roles), marketing (US and EU) as well as support (US and EU). Note that our inside sales hub is in Richmond, VA.

SCALE-OUT because we want to expand to cover more space, more use cases, more depth with Jenkins and Continuous Delivery. Whoever you are (S, M, L or XL), wherever you are (private/public/hybrid cloud, traditional datacenter, etc.), we will satisfy your needs and be #1. That will directly translate into engineering and product management hires. Quite a few of them actually! And the good news is that we are pretty flexible location wise. While we'd rather hire in existing offices (Los Altos (CA), Richmond (VA), Brussels (BE) and Neuchâtel (CH)), we actually have developers in no less than 12 countries today. Those are NOT remote employees: we are, at heart, a distributed company. Distributed is how we operate, how we communicate and how we make decisions. As an example, if you are a top developer, are deadly bored where you are now, feel like you can make a difference on the market and grow a name for yourself, but unfortunately you are not living in the Bay Area, ping us: we are the teleportation machine you need.

We have a few open positions listed on our Career page, but there are more to come so you can either stay tuned and refresh your browser or... not wait and just ping us by sending your résumé with a few words about what would make you excited to work on.


Sacha Labourey
CEO and Founder

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