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Is your organization prepared to seize the enormous opportunity of a more connected world? The Internet of Things (IoT) has moved far beyond a trend – it’s now ubiquitous, and if you haven’t thought about tapping into the power of these emerging technologies you risk being left behind. Reviewing our experiences in helping customers developing IoT technologies, we know that the real business value of these interconnected devices, machines and sensors are the services and products they offer.  Some of these products/services simply dust off and transform the way an existing need is fulfilled (think: Nest ), while many others are exploding on to the scene as an entirely new product category – inventing a solution to a need that no one ever knew they had (think: Fitbit ). For us, IoT is a logical mash-up and extension of the complex application lifecycles we have been helping customers manage for over ten years.  The complexity surrounding the delivery of highly integrated embedded software and back-end services necessitates a lot of coordination, orchestration and a cultural commitment to DevOps and Agile best practices. Our build acceleration and DevOps process automation software provides a perfect solution to help organizations achieve continuous delivery (remember: continuous delivery does NOT equal continuous deployment) which helps them stay "release ready" and allows them to deliver better IoT software faster .  Our solutions help you bake quality and consistency into the software development process to ensure that all devices and services work together as efficiently as possible. There are many examples of CloudBees customers using our solutions to help them achieve continuous delivery for their IoT products using our solutions.  A few notable examples include:

  • Cisco, who has increased development speed by over 10X using CloudBees Accelerator , our build and test acceleration solution, and...
  • GE Energy, who has eliminated 650,000 hours of wasted developer time per year by adopting CloudBees Flow to orchestrate and automate their end-to-end Agile development lifecycle.


To help bring clarity to this burgeoning space, we have partnered with DZONE to become a research partner on their 2014 Guide to the Internet of Things, a premium resource focused on IoT development trends, strategies and tools. The guide includes an overview of IoT and the issues that developers are currently facing. It also contains expert analysis, tips and predictions from more than 2,000 developers and industry leaders of what IoT will look like in the future, and several product and platform comparisons to help developers and practitioners select the tools they need.

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